Friday, July 16, 2010

Wonderfully Made

This week was Vacation Bible School week at our church. It was so much fun getting to serve and help out during the festivities. And a little surreal having my own little buckaroo participate in the event. I had so much fun dressing my little princesses in theme as much as possible, so they would look right in place at the Saddle Ridge Ranch. Even more fun, was over-hearing the older Princess in the room next door..just singin' her little heart out! (Well, and bossing some of her younger play-mates around, but that part was not quite as much fun.) One of the new songs she learned this week says "I am wonderfully made." Who knows what the rest of the lines are, because that's the only line that girl has been singing the past two days.

We talk a lot about the things God has made and how God made us, and how He loves us. Among other things of course, we want the older Princess to have a grasp on God and we want Him to be a very real part in her life.

It just overjoys my heart to hear this beautiful, wonderfully made little thing say "I am wonderfully made" and to know Who made her.

Isn't it funny that I have to remind myself of that fact, after knowing that truth for a very long time? I know God is the Creator. He created this precious, precious gift He has given us. He created her to be inquisitive and insightful, and maybe even a tad bit bossy. He has orchestrated her every little part, every little facet of her existence. As a mother, it is my job to help her use these characteristics for Gods glory. Not that I should try to "break her" of these maybe less redeeming qualities, but maybe harness them and give them the proper outlet.

** And this little thing shouldn't be forgotten either.
She has been wonderfully made, just like her Big Sister.