Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ummm... Pants

I would like to start by saying how exquisitely talented and smart our beautiful Princess is. Her vocabulary astounds us. And most recently she has wowed us with such spectacular words like "awesome", "cool", and "totally." Words every 18 month old girl should know, right?

The other morning Matt and Jade were gazing into her closet. Not expecting a reply, Matt asked Jade, "what do you want to wear today?"

"Ummm..... pants," was the answer he got.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In which I confess...

I am not Super-mom..or Super-woman. Or any name that has "Super" as the pre-fix.

Being back at the office full time has brought on a different kind of tired. By the end of the day, I pray, sometimes almost frantically, to have peace of mind.. to not be stressed.. to have the energy to be Super-mom to our Precious Princess and Super-wife to my wonderful Mr.. to have patience with an 18 month old, yet still have the discernment to discipline her wisely.

Its been almost two weeks. The call I dreaded and hoped would never come, did. My boss asked me to come back into the office full time. I am truly greatful that he did ask me to come back in. If not, he could have just found someone else who would. After a mini-freak-out session, in which I am almost sure I muttered "the sky is falling, the sky is falling", I came to my senses and remembered I serve a Sovereign God. We prayed and prayed, and I asked some very dear friends to partner with me in praying. By that evening, The Mr. and I knew that it would be best for our little family if I returned to work.

And just like that (snap fingers here) everything fell into place. Our beautiful little princess is getting to spend ridiculous amounts of time with two aunts, her Nana, several cousins, and pretty much all of her grandparents. While dropping her off into those loving hands isn't necessarily the highlight of my day, I can't begin to describe to you the peace I feel knowing the care she is receiving. And though my feelings still get a little ting of hurt, I feel so at rest when she excitedly greets whomever she gets to see that particular day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Me that is. Well, Jade too.. but that's a given.

This past weekend I celebrated a very wonderful birthday with some very wonderful people. On my actual birthday, I worked out, grocery shopped in the company of my handsome husband and precious princess.. with one of my fav iced coffees in hand. The drink was mine for the most part, until Jade realized what it was. The only thing I remember about the shopping trip was her saying "dink" over and over and over and over. But it was so delightful to have two of my favorite people with me. Then, we celebrated my beautiful neice's birthday, who just happens to have the same birthday as muah. Mmm.. cookie cake.

Then my amazing Mr. took me out with some of our close friends for the best Mexican food ever and the best Cheesecake ever. That's right, people! We were hopping from one restaraunt to the next. And it was splendid. When we made it home, the Mr. had my birthday present proudly on display. Seeing as how I only asked for a book and a new set of pj's, I was pretty suprised to see a digital frame playing some of the cutest pictures of our little family. I have enjoyed it (almost) every minute since. He likes to spoil me. (Its sitting all proud-like in front of my computer screen at work. More on that to come later though.)

The next day we enjoyed lunch with the Mr's family. Where I was spoiled even more! Between our famil(ies), friends and the Mr... I don't think I will need another present for-like-ever!

Thank you all so much for making my birthday so wonderful! Your company alone was such a treat! But the gifts are so appreciated, and I cherish them!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Lush You"

We have felt it for a long time now. In her sweet smile. In the way she gives us bear hugs, and says "mmmm" while she does it. In the way her eyes twinkle with excitement when she sees us. In the way her cute little lips pucker with unexpected kisses.

But finally, we have heard it. Baby Girl said the sweetest words that I almost thought would take her an eternity to say. She is in what I like to call the "parakeet" stage. She is spitting out new words at rapid-fire pace. Whether she understands and fully knows what she is saying.. I have no idea.

But tonight.. after we had said "I love you, Jade." She said "Lush you." I nearly wept with joy.