Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sanctification through my kids

I absolutely love that my husband has said "Yes" to the calling on his life, and has surrendered himself fully to Jesus. One small part of this means that he is the worship leader at our church, and is responsible for getting there pretty early each Sunday morning. However, in the midst of trying to get 3 small children up, fed, dressed and out of the house each Sunday morning- oh and all by myself- sometimes I lose sight of that just a little bit.

As it goes on many a Sunday in our home, I was racing around frantically to gather this or that. And as usual, somebody has lost a sippy cup in that black hole that seems to swallow everything we need when we are trying to make a mad dash out the door. Someone else remembers they have to go potty, and like NOW, before we can think about stepping out the door. Yet another one has hair that looks like some field mice tried to make a nest in whilst she was sleeping. But alas, we seem to make it to the car, if not for the minor injuries we may have sustained in getting there. (Our poor littlest fella tripped on his way out and skinned his toe up pretty badly. He has proudly shown off his "bobo" every moment since.)

After the crazy of the storm (or getting ready/dressed- call it whatever you will), there is the calm (you can also refer to this as the first few minutes of our car ride to church). I try my hardest to not look at the clock during this time, because, inevitably- I'm late.. again. Instead, I prepare my heart and my mind for worship. And sometimes, this includes apologizing to my sweet little blonde-haired cherubs for the cray-cray lady they saw 5 minutes earlier trying to shoo them into the car. However, I'm interrupted.

"Mom, I wish we had lots and lots of money so we could go do fun stuff whenever we wanted!" (Yes, me too! Well, hmm.. sort of. Ok, Ouch, not really.)

And this. This is what I love about being a Mom. All these little moments. The ones that can too easily be swept under a rug. The ones, that if you blink, you miss 'em. It's sentences like these, out of the clear blue, that I capture and remember. Hash out the heart issues that lie underneath them, and save it all up for a rainy day.

Oh mylanta, did that precious thing know what she was doing when she spurt forth that sentence? 

I shared with her my heart on the matter, and what we believe. Yes, I too struggle with wanting to spend money on lots of frivolous things. Lots. But, those things, ultimately will not bring glory to God. Yes, my sweet baby, I love spoiling you and all of us having fun as a family and spending on fun things sometimes. But is this the way God would really want us to spend the money He has blessed us with? What if we could use our money for lots of other great things? Like, helping someone who may need it more than us. We already have a safe home, plenty of food, clean water, clothes.. anything we could ever need and lots of stuff we want. But there are others who don't!

We had a brief discussion in my hopes of sharing with her that our joy isn't in money; that our joy is in Jesus.

"Mom, on the weekends, lets find all the money we can and give it to people who need it most!"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why I'm *not* adopting...

We're not adopting because I won or will win a Mother of The Year Award. But we are adopting because I am a mom and he's a dad. I love being a mom. I love taking care of my sweet kids, and would love nothing more than to have an extra set of feet stomping through the house. How sweet would it be to hear a few extra giggles and "I love you's" through the day?

We are not adopting because we have tons and tons of cash lying around that we have no idea what to do with. We are adopting because in the grand scheme of things, money doesn't REALLY matter. 

We are not adopting because we know it will be a super easy process, with no hurdles or emotional struggles to go through. We are adopting because when you want a child, you will do incredible things to bring that child home. While having our 3 children "the old fashioned way", I regulated my diet, slept a certain schedule, and did some things I wouldn't normally do. My body was put through the ringer to bring those sweet babies into this world, and I wouldn't say it was a necessarily easy process. Having (and raising) children is not an easy process. 

We are not adopting because we are this super awesome family who's perfect and have everything figured out, and will provide a Cinderella story to some kid who needs a happy ending. Well, we kind of are. But we aren't perfect. We are pretty awesome, but maybe not the most awesome family ever in the existence of all families everywhere! We might not be able to have a perfect little packaged Cinderella story with our adopted one... or even our biological children for that matter. While we hope and pray we provide that for our child, the world will not come to end if it doesn't. We didn't decide not to have children for fear that they may not be perfect. We didn't decide not to put our children in sports, music, or even school for fear that they would not be the best or excel exceedingly at each and everything they do. 

We chose to adopt because when you get right down to it we are a family. A family that knows there are children who need families. Children who would love to have a Mom and a Dad. Children who would love to have sisters and a brother- to play with, to hug, to have movie nights with, to fight over the toys with, etc.

We chose to adopt because we are adopted, through the work of Jesus on the cross, His burial and His resurrection.

Monday, February 18, 2013


There isn't a specific moment that I can pinpoint to say "That's when we decided to adopt; that's exactly when we knew that's what we were going to do."

As a teenager, I would spend several weeks out of my summers overseas on mission trips. I remember going to an orphanage in Latvia and being utterly heartbroken over the amount of children in need of parents and a family. From that moment on, I kind of had a feeling I would adopt some day.

Years passed, a handsome young man proposed, a marriage began, and shortly thereafter- so did the babies. Between serving in our church, parenting our biological children and life, adoption wasn't on the forefront of our minds. However, in the past year or two, it seems as if we have been surrounded by adoption. From close friends and even acquaintances adopting, to random blogs surfacing about adoption, to reading a best-selling book about a young missionary in Uganda- which unbeknownst to me is also a book about adoption. And so it seemed to begin. Our hearts were opening to adoption.

As time passed, I couldn't get enough about adoption. A friend sharing a video here on Facebook, another friend organizing a 5K to benefit the orphan, adoption books, stories of people adopting.. everything adoption!

Before I knew it, my busy days of mothering my little tot's and filling sippy cups were interrupted with thoughts of.. "I wonder what our son is doing right now." Each tickle fight with a little person would bring such joy at getting to lavish such sweet love on my littles, and yet leave me with a little pang of sadness. "I wonder if our son, wherever he is, has even had so much as a hug today?" At times, I would feel overwhelmingly sad and a little distraught over the thought of our child hurting. (Even though we haven't a clue who he is at this time.) God, in His GOODness, has been so kind to remind me that He is sovereign. That HE loves our child, and that our son isn't forgotten. It is all going according to His plan!

And then something as silly as our schedules and the rhythm of life all slowed a little and opened up. So, next month, we will officially begin our adoption journey. I am so thrilled, and feel almost like I did at the start of each of my pregnancies; a little scared, but mostly excited!

Will you please pray with us?

  • We are required to take a number of classes to be qualified to adopt through the Foster Care system. Please pray for us to learn a lot, for the brave people who will be watching our sweet little Cherubs while we attend said classes, and for the timing of the classes.
  • Please pray that our, including our precious children, hearts would be so tender in loving the child who will be a part of our family. 
  • Pray for us as we start the applications and home study. It doesn't take a whole lot just to have a biological child. But there's a hefty amount of paperwork, interviewing and some inspecting (of your home) before you are approved to adopt. I am a little apprehensive about this. 
  • Please also pray for the funds to be available to adopt. 
Thank you friends!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello there!

The time has come for this Momma to start blogging again! The past two years half been such an incredible whirlwind. Days filled with adventures in diaper changing, little people growing, sippy cups being emptied, a certain Momma's mid-section swelling beyond recognition to bring forth a bouncing baby boy, and life changing decisions have gone by leaving little room for a blog. So, please excuse the cobwebs and dust bunnies, and let's just dive right in!

Our precious girls have spent the better part of the past two years growing by leaps and bounds in almost every way conceivable. They have brought so much joy to our home and have kept us on our toes! They've also been busy adoring their precious baby brother. Josiah made his entrance into the world in July of 2011, and has kept us captivated ever since! We have had so much fun running after this little fella and doting on him! And I've been living in this absolutely wild fairytale world where I get to play dress-up, master architect of block buildings and reading forts, and star chef to a growing family all day every day.

The Amazing Mr. also made the fearlessly bold and courageous decision for our family to step out in faith with some dear friends of ours in planting a church in our area. What a thrilling (almost) two years it has been in our new church! Jesus has been so GOOD and NEAR, and it would take me days, if not months, to recount all the wonderful things that have been happening in our church. What a gift it has been to see the work of God and to be such a tiny part in it. 

I can't wait to share so many tidbits of this fantastic life we are living! From the mundane to the absolutely extraordinary, I hope you'll enjoy learning about our little clan and the inner-workings of this busy Momma!