Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm so proud of my wonderful husband!

This is the new patio furniture to go on our new...


(Sorry the picture isn't the greatest. The hubby took it at 9:30 with his phone after he finished!)

Thank you Lord for a handy husband, great sales, and friends in the right places!

11 Months

Hi My Sweet Baby Girl,

The days seem to be going by faster and faster. You are just a tad bit over 11 months old now. This past month has been quite a month for you. You started walking, and you're practically running now. Its so cute to see you're prissy little walk. Most of the time you hold your hands up by your chest with your palms facing outward. And sometimes you kind of arch your back, and leave your hands down by your side with palms outward. Its so cute! You can squat and stand back up without holding onto anything. You are growing up so fast and getting stronger and smarter every day. When you don't want something, you will tell us "uh-uh" and shake your head. You love books now! You will sit and look at them for longer periods of time. And you flip through the pages. Your favorites are the books that make noise. There is one book that plays old hymns and you dance every time. Actually, you dance just about any time you here music at all. Your dancing skills are improving quite a bit. Now, you dance when you are standing and you bounce your knees.

Veggies really aren't your thing. You'll eat them sometimes.. but you prefer fruit, cheese, pasta, and "good meat." You'll eat almost any kind of meat I prepare for dinner.. but you really don't like lunch meat. And you're always so nice to share your food at the dinner table. You share with everyone.

Oh.. and you're starting to interact with other kids more now. Last week, we went to Mommy and Daddy's friend's house. When we got there, you gave your friend a hug. Then, you followed her almost everywhere. Its so neat to see your personality starting to come out more and more.

You hate bows now. I love to put these ridiculous bows on your head that would even look to big for my head. You rip them off almost immediately. I'm desperate to find the little velcro bows that just stick in your hair.

You are so smart. KK will stand you up on her counter to look out the window above her sink. You watch the birds. And when we ask you where the birds are, you point to the sky. You are learning how to point them out in books too! You also know that the cat is supposed to be called "kitty." We ask you "Where's the kitty" and you look for her, but you still call her a "pup." Silly girl.

I love you sweet, baby girl!


Mommy (and Daddy.. and of course, Sampson too!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pure Bliss

I have to admit that one of my favorite times of the day is Jade's bedtime. Not because it is the end to a long day, and not because I "finally get a break". Usually, Jade gets a bath, puts on quite a show (=fit) while one of us gets her dressed, she nurses, brushes her teeth (which in itself is just precious), gets a sip of water, we usually pray.. and then my favorite happens. I cradle her in my arms and turn off her lamp. I walk over to her bed.. still cradling her. And we just stand there for a few minutes. We sway just a bit and most times I sing "You Are My Sunshine" to her. However, while this is going on, Jade plays the sweetest little games and gives the most delirious little giggles. She'll play with my hair, or grab my neck to pull me in for a tight hug. Sometimes I'm even fortunate enough to get a few kisses. And most nights I just nuzzle my face on hers.. and she explodes into these soft chuckles. Its too precious to even try to describe.

I cherish those moments before bedtime. Each day.. I wait in anticipation for it. Just those few minutes of lovin' on each other.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More waiting?

Haha.. very funny, Lord.

I finally swallowed the fear, or confronted it in the face rather, and talked with my boss last week. I worked up this fancy proposal, went in all prepared, and practically begged for mercy to be able to work from home. The meeting went pretty good and I love the fact that my boss is so approachable and easy to talk to. And I love the fact that I have a praying family and close knit group of friends to take it to the Most High on my behalf.

To say the least, my boss was a bit shell-shocked with my proposal. (Going home every day for almost a year to see my daughter didn't give him any inclination?) However, he said he would get back with me at the end of this week.

All I have to say is.. yes God, I'm getting the message.. you know, about being patient and not trying to make my own plans. However, could you please help my boss stick to his word and REALLY get back with me by the end of this week? I'd appreciate it.. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Matt and I have had this ridiculous competition to see whose name Jade would say first, Mama or Dada. I think it pretty much started the day we brought her home from the hospital. Unfortunately, my daughter did not say Mama first.. she said Dada. Suprise, suprise.

But on July 12th, I heard the sweetest thing ever. I set Jade down on the floor, walked off to go do something, and heard the cutest little voice say, "Mama!" Well.. it was more like a whiney voice. Still, it was so incredibly sweet and melted my heart. Woohoo! She can finally say my name! =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


God is so sovereign! I'm so glad that He is God and I am not! Can I get an Amen, yall?

Here's my thinkin'... either God was getting tired of my pleas for patience.. or He might have known that my heart is just to stubborn sometimes. Either way.. our prayers have been answered (mostly) and the waiting is over! THANK YOU GOD!!! 

My wonderful husband has been promoted at work and has been offered a nice salary. We are so completely humbled that God has graciously answered our prayers.

Now, the reason I say "mostly" is because I still have one small hurdle at my job. I'll still need to work part time from home to make sure the "ends are met", so to speak. So, please pray with us that my current employer (the awesome people that they are) will readily accept the proposal I've come up with!

And just to clarify.. even if God did not grant me the desires of my own selfish heart.. He is still sovereign and THE Almighty!

Daniel 6:18 "Even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up."

O Graciously Father.. I thank you for hearing my cries of desperation to be with my daughter.. raising here in our quaint home you have blessed us with. Father, grant me the patience, love, and kindness to show her how to Glorify you.. may we always point her to Jesus.. who gave us the perfect example of how to live a life that pleases and honors you. You are SO GOOD.. even though I do not deserve it. I thank you! Amen

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

Family, bar-b-que, cream cheese shrimp jalapeno things, cocktail shrimp, and spending all day with our Princess... what could be better?

We had a great 4th of July.. but were tuckered out by the time all the pretty fireworks started. So, we headed home from KK & Pop's house a little early. But all in all.. we had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She walks

I can't believe it. She walks... she really walks!!

Jade has been toying with us for a few weeks, teasing us, and only taking a step or two. This afternoon, she walked across the living room at Aunt "Tista's" (or sometimes just Tuh) house. She decided that was enough for a while... or she decided to wait and really put on the real show for Momma and "Dah-dah". 

The girl is a walkin' fool now! She hasn't stopped since we got home! Well, we did encourage her a bit at first. But after that, she's pretty much been walking 50% of the time she needs to get somewhere!