Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tonight, we were all laying on Jade's bed.. going through her nightly routine. As usual, we weren't keeping to a set schedule or time frame.

In the midst of hanging out together, the subject turned to our wee little Bella. It went a little something like this:

"Momma, sit up.. wanna hold you." She proceeded to wrap her arms around me in the tightest hug.
"Jade, did you tell Bella you love her today?"
"Wanna hold her!!" She proceeded to wrap her arms around my ever-expanding mid-section. "Want her to stay in there!"
"What Jade? Don't you want her to be out here so you can hold her?"
"NO. Want her to stay in the-yere!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Y'all, she is doing flips! This beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully made little human is doing FLIPS in my tummy! Not just the occasional nudge, or swim across... but this amazing little beauty is doing flips in me.

Upon arriving at home tonight...

Jade tells me, "Mom, I'm pumped!!"
ME: "You're what?" (Just to make sure I heard her right.)
"Mom, I'm so pumped!"

Friday, July 24, 2009


About 3 weeks ago, Jade had a really nasty kidney infection. To be on the safe side, Jade's doctor ordered several tests out of fear of possible kidney reflux. Since my neice had this done several years ago, I called my sister for the scoop. So, we went in somewhat prepared. The Amazing Mister even stopped to get several bribes. What? Like you wouldn't? With candy, sprite and a bag full of toys in hand, we entered in.

First, Jade needed ultrasounds of all her "plumbing organs." This wasn't too bad, as I was able to lay beside her during it. And we were able to keep popping candy in her mouth at this point. That might have helped too.

*reading Brown Bear to Daddy*

After a short wait, we went to the radiation room. I had to scoot out while they did several x-rays. And the screaming/crying started. Next, came the catheder. Oh the joy. The Amazing Mister, 2 nurses and I held Jade down so another nurse could put the catheder in. I left while they did several more x-rays. The next x-ray required an emptied bladder. The poor princess was so anxious it took her a while to finally get the urge. PTL she asked to go on the potty though! Whoot! 1 last x-ray and the last bout of screaming...

And now, without further procrastination, I will be joining the Big Princess for a joyous nap.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ain't she cuu-uute?

Jade perfecting her latest talent/obsession.
She makes us so proud yall!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Double Trouble

Just think.. all the ribbons, all the lace, all the PINK in our house! And all the BOWS!! Hairbows, hairbows, hairbows! I better start stocking up now.

That's right, folks! We will have another little Princess joining our little clan in December! (Sorry if the title made you think twins, but there is only one bun in this oven.)

We can't wait to hold you little Bella Grace!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well, Hello there!

Um.. if there is anyone even there.

At least I know of one person that will be extremely happy that I'm FINALLY updating! (*Cough* Janet * Cough*)

What can I say? The real world just kept getting in the way of me needing to keep up with one of my fav hobbies: Blogging. Ahhh.. but I'm back yall!

So much has happened in the past 2-3 months. (Really, has it been that long?) How can I possibly catch yall up? Shall we just proceed with a nice summarized/ updated version of my recent progress post? I think we shall!


*Says all of her ABCD's (as she calls them!)

*Knows most of the letter sounds

*Sings about a bazillion songs, and can hum most of them now

*Plays pretend Mommy non-stop. (Today she put her "babies" down in her old crib, walked out and sang to them at the door, and came and told me "shhh, babies napping.")

*knows that baby Gavin is in mommy's tummy.. (Yes, that's right folks.. I am with child! We are so ecstatic! Hmm.. maybe another excuse for my absence.)

*Recognizes her written name, and can even spell her name

*And lets not forget. 2 1/2 months is a long time in the bloggin' world. Long enough time for the girl to grow some hair! Woot-woot! (Well enough to put up into ridiculous little pig-tails.)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I'm doing right now..

Eating a giant tablespoon heaping full of sugar cookie dough while watching a totally predictable Lifetime movie.


Monday, April 13, 2009


...but not in that department. The whole potty thing was somewhat of a fluke.

I can't believe how smart Jade is getting and how much the little stinker picks up on things.

She counts to 10.

She knows almost all her ABC's. You know, depending on what kind of mood she's in.

She can do all her peg puzzles.

She knows almost all her primary colors.

She sings along with every song she knows.. and even songs she doesn't know.

And she still likes to eat random things off the floor sometimes. You know. Just so you don't think she some kind of super baby. Er. Toddler.

Easter Weekend

In one word: exhausting.

In two words: exhausting fun.

This weekend was a blast! We had so much fun celebrating the ressurrection of our Living King. On Saturday, we made our way over to KK and Pop's house to celebrate with pretty much all of the Amazing Mister's extended family! PTL for the beautiful weather! We were able to play outside quite literally all day. 
She threw a fit when we made her put her first egg in the basket. Then, she realized she could get more!!

On Sunday, the Good Lord continued showering His blessings upon us. The Precious Princess allowed us to sleep in until 8 am. Whoot Whoot!
Here she is digging in her loot! 

After church, we continued celebrating with my family at my Aunt's house. Mmmm.. pasta and salad. But by 4 o'clock we were all pooped!

I think this about the only smile we managed all weekend. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

She Pooped!!


Tuesday night, Jade and I are playing in the living. Before I knew what was happening, Jade was saying "Potty, potty", running to the bathroom. 

Being the awesome Mom I am, I was totally prepared with a potty chair and everything. Or so that's how I imagined it. But in reality, it was a matter of her hanging onto my arms for support and balance. 

After a few seconds, she got a little bored or something. And I figured it was just a fluke. But she sure was standing strange after I got her down.

So, I used my cat-like reflexes to put back on the potty.. and of course encouraged her! And the princess did her business!

YAY! Wal-Mart here we come for that potty seat!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fantasy and Reality

I'm a bookworm. I like books. I like stories. I'm not too incredibly picky when it comes to a book, and I can usually find satisfaction in just about anything I read. Of course, I do have certain genres that peak my interest more than others. But the point is.. I love to read. Give me a good book.. and I can't do anything else but read. I've been this way ever since I can remember. Our spare bedroom upstairs houses my old bedroom furniture from my parent's house. And on the hutches sits every elementary-junior high book nerd's dream. Books upon books. The collection spills into our the master bedroom. (But technically, I can't claim all of those. Even though the Amazing Mister isn't the most avid reader.. he does enjoy reading. A little.)

Because of my fascination/obsession with books, I try not to read them too much. In the two and a half years my beloved and I have been in wedded bliss, I have read maybe 10 books. Maybe even less, maybe one more. I sacrificially give up reading from time to time.

However, I occasionally get sucked back into the world of the thick pages of a good book. Vivid images pop into my head and play out almost like a movie as my mind digests each word of the novel. Minutes turn into seconds and hours turn into minutes. Like I was telling Matt, being immersed in a good book is ten times better than the best movie of the year. Its like taking all my favorite shows and having them amplified in ten different ways to like the tenth power. And when I'm not reading the book, my imagination runs wild with possible upcoming scenarios in the book. Even when I've finished with the book, my imagination still runs amuck a little with the "happily ever after" part.

Last Monday I got sucked back in the worst kind of way. Friends had told me about this series at least a year ago. I brushed it off, thinking I would not be interested in the slightest. But a coworker recently brought it up. And long after the hysteria broke out, I got on the bandwagon and read the Twilight series.

You read that right. I read the series. Over 2100 pages in a matter of a week. I began Monday, March 9th and finished the last book in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, March 17th. While this series does not hold the same innocence as my trusty Babysitter Club series, it does not leave me feeling utterly dejected at the end of the reading. Suspense, romance, adventure and a little action.. hook, line and sinker.. I'm a Twilight fan! I recommend the series if you're looking for some light reading!

However, I do not recommend that you become as obsessed as I become when I read books. It is inevitable that you will be holed up in your house at night, in your car at lunch, and some quiet place in between to escape into the little fantasy world that books can create. (Again, only because books to me are like 10 awesome movies all rolled into binding with words and pages.) And as a result, you may feel like a hermit at the end. This will inevitably leave you blinking repeatedly in the bright sunlight and fumbling to regain any social skills you may have once had.

Oh. And Matt is glad to have his wife back again.

Jade Says..

"Hush Matt!"
(Matt had been making some annoying sound in the car one day. Evidently, she found it annoying too.)
"One, Two, Thwee, FIIIIVE!!"
(We're working on the four part.. weird, she won't even repeat "4" after us.)
"A, B, C, D, E, F, G"
(And a bunch of random of letters after that. IF she's feeling cooperative.)
"Rock out, Rock out, ROCK OUT!"
(Anytime she gets hyper and wants to dance all crazy in her carseat.)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I almost drooled. Almost.

Sweet springtime dress, in your cute little colors, when will you go on sale?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just what we needed

Call me crazy, but I think a bad case of a stomach virus and a not so bad case of the flu is just what we needed! (My virus finally gave way late Friday night, and the Princess's fever seemed to have let up around Saturday morning.)

This weekend we were almost under house arrest. Well, not really. We just tried to not be around too many people because of the funky germs t
hat were infesting our bodies. 

With the exception of a random shopping trip Friday, and our normal errands on Saturday.. it gave us plenty of time to hang out as a family. Ahhh. So good.
I took this picture a few weeks back. 
Just because I noticed her hair was finally getting long enough to have funky bed-head!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strand B

Oy! You hear about it every year. And with each passing year, it seems to get worse. The flu that is. Well this year, it has it struck our family!

Poor Jade was diagnosed with strand B today. We are almost beside ourselves. The girl has only ever had 2 ear infections, and was an (almost) absolute Princess through both of those ordeals.

But this.. this is far worse! She has barely been herself today.

So we stocked up on the Vicks (rub and soothing aroma pads), tylenol and tami-flu; had a quick dinner at Chick-fil-a; watched a "Muu-wie"; and cuddled for just a bit.

Not too mention, I haven't been up to par the past few days either!

So, this is what we do when Daddy's at school, and Mommy and the Princess aren't feeling too great... we cuddle and watch "muuwies" (Movies) or "pets" (WonderPets)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jade Says..

Upon exiting the car at Nana's, there are the sweetest birds just chirping away in all different tones and dialects.
Jade says, "What's that?" (All animated of course.)
"Those are birds, sweetheart."
Jade says, "Tweet, tweet!"
Upon rocking Jade into a half-sleep, half-awake daze...
Jade says, "Unt (I+Want in toddler talk) Boonts (Baloons)"
"Mommy doesn't have any baloons baby."
Jade says, "Why-uh?"
"Because they are at the store."
Jade says, "Why-uh?"
"Jade, do you want to go night night and dream about baloons?"
Jade says, "Uh-huh. Night, night Mommy."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our good friends Rod and Lauren got married this weekend! Oh, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and Lauren was just a stunning bride! (She wore green shoes yall, and more than "pulled them off.") Such a classy wedding!
So, Friday, I took off early to be able to make it to the rehearsal dinner with the Amazing Mister (and Precious Princess too.) I had every intention of letting the girl get a good nap since she had woken up pretty early Friday morning. Instead, I decided to spoil her. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up some new cheap-throw-in-the-backpack-toys. Boy, I sure am glad I had that idea! Among the toys, a $2 pink ball and a $5 mini-magna-doodle. Between the new toys and the new outfit(s) for the wedding, the girl got a bit spoiled this weekend.

I only have about 5 pictures from this weekend exactly like this! She would fall asleep mid-doodle!

We are very grateful that the rehearsal and dinner were early on Friday. We were able to get home, and put Jade to bed by 7pm! HALLELUAH!
We woke up bright-eyed and bushytailed Saturday morning. And somehow, without the help of the Amazing Mister, we were able to leave the house 30 minutes early than expected. Y'all it was a true blessing from the Lord! Usually, when its just the girl and me.. we are leaving 15 minutes late! We made a quick stop to get the beautiful couple's present.. and my girl created such a ruckus. She was so cute she even had people stopping us in the parking lot!

We ended up getting to the ceremony about 15 minutes early. Oh, and what a beautiful ceremony it was. The chapel was absolutely gorgeous and the message was awesome! Afterwards, we headed to the classy reception...where Jade's mood slowly deteriorated. She would having nothing to do with being polite and giving cutesy smiles to some of our old friends. Instead, she wanted to run like a wild commanche! I am blessed to say that nothing was broken, burned or completely destroyed as a result of Jade being there though.

I finally remembered that I had brought the miracle toy with us to the reception! She actually sat and "colurrred" for a good 30 minutes at one point.

Given that Jade had woken up rather early again, I figured she would delight in taking a gloriously long nap when we got home at about 3:30. I must have not taken into account the two suckers Nana had fed her on the way to the reception, the cake I let her have, and all the sweet tea she guzzled. So, instead, she helped the Amazing Mister and I spruce up the back yard. That could almost be another post in and of itself. However, I will say that I am utterly embarrased at the state it was in before we began working! I took care of the many presents our dog has left us over the last several months while Matt worked on planting the palms we bought about a week ago. Praise the Lord for the awesome sale Lowes had on some palms! (Only $10 each!)

Afterwards, we spruced ourselves up to return the tux, get the Mister some new work shoes, and to treat ourselves to some "Goo-ood" Mexican food. Mmm.. I love you Adobe Cafe. By the time we got home, Jade was nearly in a coma-like sleep.. and I was not far from it. The girl didn't even bat an eye as I was changing her into her night clothes!

What a fun weekend we have had!

Not too big of a shock.. Jade preferred the company of Nana and Papoo rather than me after the ceremony. She insisted on "wok-ing" with them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For my sister..

My dog finally found a comfy spot on top of my favorite blanket (Thank you Jared and Michelle.. I cuddle up with that blanket every night on the couch.) He only found that comfy spot by turning about 80 million circles before he laid down. Hmm. I thought only cats did that.

As I type, my eyes are screaming at me for making them glare at this painstakingly bright screen for at least 10 hours (and counting) today. Oh the joys of being back at work full-time. But what a blessing to be so busy that I still have work to do when I get home.. when many are hoping and praying for any work at all.

The Mister is at school.. I miss him.

The precious princess ran full speed AT me today (note: NOT AWAY) when I picked her up from her KK's house. My heart literally melted. And after our nightly routine, she clung to me and gave me "gentle pats" before I laid her in bed. At that point, my cup was more than "runneth" over'ing. I miss hearing the new things she is doing and saying. Only getting 2 solid hours with her a day during the week is tough.

I hear the clock on our living room wall ticking at me in a menacing tone. By the way, did you know, we now have a piano in our living room? Our new favorite word is "cozy" to describe the current set up in here.

So.. there you have it, Sister-O-Mine. I updated my blog. Didn't promise it would be pretty.. entertaining.. or melded together in the slightest! (Our camera is too dead and currently without a charger to post cute pictures. And my brain is too dead and currently without a charger to post witty words.)

Love ya!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


As you know, our sweet little princess is expanding her vocabulary, and is even annunciating words more accurately now-a-days.

Before she grows up anymore, I just have to document some of my favorite words that she says/

Eye kink (ice cream)

Coworn (corn)


Beebee (baby)

Sansssssun (Sampson)

There it is (WHOOP! There it is)

CUOOOooold (cold)

Tanee (candy)

Banket (blanket)

Lush you or Wush you (Love you)

Much (love you so much)

Here is a picture of Jade in her Daddy's MMA Headgear.

Because, you know, just what every 18 month old princess needs to be wearing.

It will go perfectly with her new favorite toys: Lightsabers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ummm... Pants

I would like to start by saying how exquisitely talented and smart our beautiful Princess is. Her vocabulary astounds us. And most recently she has wowed us with such spectacular words like "awesome", "cool", and "totally." Words every 18 month old girl should know, right?

The other morning Matt and Jade were gazing into her closet. Not expecting a reply, Matt asked Jade, "what do you want to wear today?"

"Ummm..... pants," was the answer he got.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In which I confess...

I am not Super-mom..or Super-woman. Or any name that has "Super" as the pre-fix.

Being back at the office full time has brought on a different kind of tired. By the end of the day, I pray, sometimes almost frantically, to have peace of mind.. to not be stressed.. to have the energy to be Super-mom to our Precious Princess and Super-wife to my wonderful Mr.. to have patience with an 18 month old, yet still have the discernment to discipline her wisely.

Its been almost two weeks. The call I dreaded and hoped would never come, did. My boss asked me to come back into the office full time. I am truly greatful that he did ask me to come back in. If not, he could have just found someone else who would. After a mini-freak-out session, in which I am almost sure I muttered "the sky is falling, the sky is falling", I came to my senses and remembered I serve a Sovereign God. We prayed and prayed, and I asked some very dear friends to partner with me in praying. By that evening, The Mr. and I knew that it would be best for our little family if I returned to work.

And just like that (snap fingers here) everything fell into place. Our beautiful little princess is getting to spend ridiculous amounts of time with two aunts, her Nana, several cousins, and pretty much all of her grandparents. While dropping her off into those loving hands isn't necessarily the highlight of my day, I can't begin to describe to you the peace I feel knowing the care she is receiving. And though my feelings still get a little ting of hurt, I feel so at rest when she excitedly greets whomever she gets to see that particular day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Me that is. Well, Jade too.. but that's a given.

This past weekend I celebrated a very wonderful birthday with some very wonderful people. On my actual birthday, I worked out, grocery shopped in the company of my handsome husband and precious princess.. with one of my fav iced coffees in hand. The drink was mine for the most part, until Jade realized what it was. The only thing I remember about the shopping trip was her saying "dink" over and over and over and over. But it was so delightful to have two of my favorite people with me. Then, we celebrated my beautiful neice's birthday, who just happens to have the same birthday as muah. Mmm.. cookie cake.

Then my amazing Mr. took me out with some of our close friends for the best Mexican food ever and the best Cheesecake ever. That's right, people! We were hopping from one restaraunt to the next. And it was splendid. When we made it home, the Mr. had my birthday present proudly on display. Seeing as how I only asked for a book and a new set of pj's, I was pretty suprised to see a digital frame playing some of the cutest pictures of our little family. I have enjoyed it (almost) every minute since. He likes to spoil me. (Its sitting all proud-like in front of my computer screen at work. More on that to come later though.)

The next day we enjoyed lunch with the Mr's family. Where I was spoiled even more! Between our famil(ies), friends and the Mr... I don't think I will need another present for-like-ever!

Thank you all so much for making my birthday so wonderful! Your company alone was such a treat! But the gifts are so appreciated, and I cherish them!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Lush You"

We have felt it for a long time now. In her sweet smile. In the way she gives us bear hugs, and says "mmmm" while she does it. In the way her eyes twinkle with excitement when she sees us. In the way her cute little lips pucker with unexpected kisses.

But finally, we have heard it. Baby Girl said the sweetest words that I almost thought would take her an eternity to say. She is in what I like to call the "parakeet" stage. She is spitting out new words at rapid-fire pace. Whether she understands and fully knows what she is saying.. I have no idea.

But tonight.. after we had said "I love you, Jade." She said "Lush you." I nearly wept with joy.