Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strand B

Oy! You hear about it every year. And with each passing year, it seems to get worse. The flu that is. Well this year, it has it struck our family!

Poor Jade was diagnosed with strand B today. We are almost beside ourselves. The girl has only ever had 2 ear infections, and was an (almost) absolute Princess through both of those ordeals.

But this.. this is far worse! She has barely been herself today.

So we stocked up on the Vicks (rub and soothing aroma pads), tylenol and tami-flu; had a quick dinner at Chick-fil-a; watched a "Muu-wie"; and cuddled for just a bit.

Not too mention, I haven't been up to par the past few days either!

So, this is what we do when Daddy's at school, and Mommy and the Princess aren't feeling too great... we cuddle and watch "muuwies" (Movies) or "pets" (WonderPets)

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