Thursday, May 27, 2010

One of those Moms

I just have to say.... I think my girls are the cutest kids in the whole-wide-world!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have to admit; I'm not very patient. If it were for my husband's fierce determination, I might never be surprised with any gifts at all. With all my prodding and nagging, he's never caved once to let me know what he has bought me for this occasion or that.

And I'm not just impatient with surprises or gifts. I'm impatient with lots of things.

In a certain previous post, I mentioned how certain things have been on my prayer list for a very long time. And some things will be on my prayer list until I take my final breath. But just because I've been praying over these things this long, doesn't necessarily mean I am patiently awaiting the outcome.

God is doing a great thing and preparing our family for me to be a stay at home mommy. But I want to stay home NOW! (Well, God is doing many great things.....)

I'm a dreamer, a thinker, a fantasizer. Its *almost* like I live half in the real world, and half in my own little dream world- thinking up different scenarios and playing those scenarios out into these vivid storylines. So, while I am supposed to be awaiting on my King's sovereign timing, I get all wrapped up in what is to come.

And with the "what is to come" comes a whole new set of dreams. There are many "things" I can't wait to get my hands into once I am able to get my hands into once I'm a stay at home mommy.

But for now, I'm a workin' Momma.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Stuff?


We've become somewhat healthier around our house. No, we aren't super fit health guru's. But we've made changes here and there to become healthier.

I've tasted the FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD chips. They are super yummy, and I can't wait to try more varieties.

My bloggy and real life friend, Lauren, is giving away a free bag of these bad boys!

I hope I win!! I hope I win!!


: adjective, able to be seen through with clarity.

There are so many things to say about parenthood, and raising children in general. It's exciting, fun, exhilarating, frustrating, painful, embarrassing, hilarious, tragic, exhausting, rewarding, humbling.... Need I go on?

I think one of the most surprising things about parenthood for me is how it has awoken this Holy fear within me. No, not shaking in my boots with fright. But a reverent, awe-filled wonderment of the Creator.

In some book I read at some point it talked about how we are to be Christ to our kids. No, not sacrificing our own lives to save theirs, paving a way to have relationship with God. Rather, show our children the love of Christ by example. Your kids will look up to you as an example in how to handle things, how to live life, how to glorify God. They will look to you to see what it is to love Christ.

When I realized this, I took a long, hard look at myself. How am I showing the love of Christ to my girl? How am I not showing the love of Christ to my girl? Before motherhood, I strived to lead a life pleasing and glorifying God. But, now, as a mother, its intensified all the more.

Not only is this desire to glorfiy God intensified, but its almost like all of my shortcomings or faults have been magnified times ten in front of me.

Would you like to know when I'm dealing with impatience? Just listen to the tone in my precious two year old's voice. Is she somewhat growling and maybe even talking through clenched teeth? Oh, why yes she is.

Would you like to know when I'm dealing with laziness? Just look at my couch where we might just be sitting, watching TV for the umpteenth hour.

Would you like to know when I'm dealing with fright (mainly, the dark)? Just listen to the little toddler who is terrified to be in her own room; alone.

It's as if she is displaying all of my non-terrific qualities for the whole world to see. (As if I weren't doing that already?) Not only the whole world, but those qualities are on full display for me too.

Being a mother has left me transparent.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thirty doll-hairs

No. Not really. More like $30.

Our family can do lots of things with $30.
  • Enjoy a nice movie at the theater with all the snacks you could ever want.
  • Sponsor a child in a foreign country
  • Almost "fill up" our car
  • Splurge on a modest meal out

Or I can buy all of this loot for $30!

(Well, minus the canister set and stowaway cookbook in the back.)

You see, I'm quite addicted to saving money. The thrill of getting the most for my buck is quite exhilirating!

I've clipped coupons in the past, and became a little more avid about it recently. And even more recently I've gone to several stores to catch the best sales on certain items and combined my coupons with those sales.

And VOILA! There you have it!

Tomorrow, I plan to hit up one more store. I plan to leave that store with about 5 items.. spending a whopping total of maybe $1-$2!! (Without a sale or coupons, I would probably pay close to $8-$10 for the same items!)