Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strand B

Oy! You hear about it every year. And with each passing year, it seems to get worse. The flu that is. Well this year, it has it struck our family!

Poor Jade was diagnosed with strand B today. We are almost beside ourselves. The girl has only ever had 2 ear infections, and was an (almost) absolute Princess through both of those ordeals.

But this.. this is far worse! She has barely been herself today.

So we stocked up on the Vicks (rub and soothing aroma pads), tylenol and tami-flu; had a quick dinner at Chick-fil-a; watched a "Muu-wie"; and cuddled for just a bit.

Not too mention, I haven't been up to par the past few days either!

So, this is what we do when Daddy's at school, and Mommy and the Princess aren't feeling too great... we cuddle and watch "muuwies" (Movies) or "pets" (WonderPets)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jade Says..

Upon exiting the car at Nana's, there are the sweetest birds just chirping away in all different tones and dialects.
Jade says, "What's that?" (All animated of course.)
"Those are birds, sweetheart."
Jade says, "Tweet, tweet!"
Upon rocking Jade into a half-sleep, half-awake daze...
Jade says, "Unt (I+Want in toddler talk) Boonts (Baloons)"
"Mommy doesn't have any baloons baby."
Jade says, "Why-uh?"
"Because they are at the store."
Jade says, "Why-uh?"
"Jade, do you want to go night night and dream about baloons?"
Jade says, "Uh-huh. Night, night Mommy."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our good friends Rod and Lauren got married this weekend! Oh, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and Lauren was just a stunning bride! (She wore green shoes yall, and more than "pulled them off.") Such a classy wedding!
So, Friday, I took off early to be able to make it to the rehearsal dinner with the Amazing Mister (and Precious Princess too.) I had every intention of letting the girl get a good nap since she had woken up pretty early Friday morning. Instead, I decided to spoil her. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up some new cheap-throw-in-the-backpack-toys. Boy, I sure am glad I had that idea! Among the toys, a $2 pink ball and a $5 mini-magna-doodle. Between the new toys and the new outfit(s) for the wedding, the girl got a bit spoiled this weekend.

I only have about 5 pictures from this weekend exactly like this! She would fall asleep mid-doodle!

We are very grateful that the rehearsal and dinner were early on Friday. We were able to get home, and put Jade to bed by 7pm! HALLELUAH!
We woke up bright-eyed and bushytailed Saturday morning. And somehow, without the help of the Amazing Mister, we were able to leave the house 30 minutes early than expected. Y'all it was a true blessing from the Lord! Usually, when its just the girl and me.. we are leaving 15 minutes late! We made a quick stop to get the beautiful couple's present.. and my girl created such a ruckus. She was so cute she even had people stopping us in the parking lot!

We ended up getting to the ceremony about 15 minutes early. Oh, and what a beautiful ceremony it was. The chapel was absolutely gorgeous and the message was awesome! Afterwards, we headed to the classy reception...where Jade's mood slowly deteriorated. She would having nothing to do with being polite and giving cutesy smiles to some of our old friends. Instead, she wanted to run like a wild commanche! I am blessed to say that nothing was broken, burned or completely destroyed as a result of Jade being there though.

I finally remembered that I had brought the miracle toy with us to the reception! She actually sat and "colurrred" for a good 30 minutes at one point.

Given that Jade had woken up rather early again, I figured she would delight in taking a gloriously long nap when we got home at about 3:30. I must have not taken into account the two suckers Nana had fed her on the way to the reception, the cake I let her have, and all the sweet tea she guzzled. So, instead, she helped the Amazing Mister and I spruce up the back yard. That could almost be another post in and of itself. However, I will say that I am utterly embarrased at the state it was in before we began working! I took care of the many presents our dog has left us over the last several months while Matt worked on planting the palms we bought about a week ago. Praise the Lord for the awesome sale Lowes had on some palms! (Only $10 each!)

Afterwards, we spruced ourselves up to return the tux, get the Mister some new work shoes, and to treat ourselves to some "Goo-ood" Mexican food. Mmm.. I love you Adobe Cafe. By the time we got home, Jade was nearly in a coma-like sleep.. and I was not far from it. The girl didn't even bat an eye as I was changing her into her night clothes!

What a fun weekend we have had!

Not too big of a shock.. Jade preferred the company of Nana and Papoo rather than me after the ceremony. She insisted on "wok-ing" with them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For my sister..

My dog finally found a comfy spot on top of my favorite blanket (Thank you Jared and Michelle.. I cuddle up with that blanket every night on the couch.) He only found that comfy spot by turning about 80 million circles before he laid down. Hmm. I thought only cats did that.

As I type, my eyes are screaming at me for making them glare at this painstakingly bright screen for at least 10 hours (and counting) today. Oh the joys of being back at work full-time. But what a blessing to be so busy that I still have work to do when I get home.. when many are hoping and praying for any work at all.

The Mister is at school.. I miss him.

The precious princess ran full speed AT me today (note: NOT AWAY) when I picked her up from her KK's house. My heart literally melted. And after our nightly routine, she clung to me and gave me "gentle pats" before I laid her in bed. At that point, my cup was more than "runneth" over'ing. I miss hearing the new things she is doing and saying. Only getting 2 solid hours with her a day during the week is tough.

I hear the clock on our living room wall ticking at me in a menacing tone. By the way, did you know, we now have a piano in our living room? Our new favorite word is "cozy" to describe the current set up in here.

So.. there you have it, Sister-O-Mine. I updated my blog. Didn't promise it would be pretty.. entertaining.. or melded together in the slightest! (Our camera is too dead and currently without a charger to post cute pictures. And my brain is too dead and currently without a charger to post witty words.)

Love ya!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


As you know, our sweet little princess is expanding her vocabulary, and is even annunciating words more accurately now-a-days.

Before she grows up anymore, I just have to document some of my favorite words that she says/

Eye kink (ice cream)

Coworn (corn)


Beebee (baby)

Sansssssun (Sampson)

There it is (WHOOP! There it is)

CUOOOooold (cold)

Tanee (candy)

Banket (blanket)

Lush you or Wush you (Love you)

Much (love you so much)

Here is a picture of Jade in her Daddy's MMA Headgear.

Because, you know, just what every 18 month old princess needs to be wearing.

It will go perfectly with her new favorite toys: Lightsabers.