Thursday, February 12, 2009


As you know, our sweet little princess is expanding her vocabulary, and is even annunciating words more accurately now-a-days.

Before she grows up anymore, I just have to document some of my favorite words that she says/

Eye kink (ice cream)

Coworn (corn)


Beebee (baby)

Sansssssun (Sampson)

There it is (WHOOP! There it is)

CUOOOooold (cold)

Tanee (candy)

Banket (blanket)

Lush you or Wush you (Love you)

Much (love you so much)

Here is a picture of Jade in her Daddy's MMA Headgear.

Because, you know, just what every 18 month old princess needs to be wearing.

It will go perfectly with her new favorite toys: Lightsabers.

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