Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Such a big girl!

For the past couple of weeks Jade has not been all that thrilled about eating. I know, TOTALLY WEIRD, right? And now, Miss Priss completely refuses to be spoonfed about 95% of the time. I've been slowly transitioning her into table foods. (3rd stage foods were not a big hit with her. Well, if I'm being completely honest, she hated them.) So, I've been giving her easily mashed things and monitoring her really closely.

And tonight, she had her first real big girl meal. Cantelope, grated cheese, and green beans. Impressive menu, huh? I must admit neither my fridge nor my pantry was ready for this full-on transition.

Jade.. you're breakin' Momma's heart growing up so fast! But I sure do love every single bit of it! I can't believe we (Daddy and Mommy) have been blessed with such a beautiful and smart baby girl!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Jade has been quite the blabber mouth. She was talking in her sleep by the time she was a month old..and hasn't been quiet since!

KK & Pops started working with Jade when she was about 4 months old on "Bye, Bye". And boy has she mastered that now! If one of us is holding her and she decides she's ready to leave, she'll just start waving and saying "BYE." Its soooo cute and totally diva!

Next was Pup! And that by far is her FAVORITE word... and her favorite thing. Sure, people may think she is a momma's girl. But really, the absolute fav thing in her life is probably her fur-brudder Sampson. The first words out of her mouth EVERY morning.. "pup", in the cutest little sleepy voice. Then, her eyes dart around looking for him.

But last night.. the unthinkable happened. She chose to say a very sweet word. However.. she chose to say it out of order. I was holding her. Then, she reached for Matt. As he went to get her, she started saying "Dada dada dada dada." (Yes, probably pure coincidence.. but we have been working on her for a while so who knows.) I knew Jade was gonna beat the odds and knock everyone's socks off and say "Mama" first. The inevitable is slowly happening.. she is becoming a little daddy's girl. And honestly, I'm pleased as punch about it. I love to watch them together... melts my heart!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a really really fun day Sunday... just spending time together as a family. Church was great... the McDonalds coffee on the way to church was AMAZING...lunch was VERY good (I don't know the last time I had good Mexican food was)...hanging out at home was the best! Here's a few pics of us just being a family!


Does carpet fuzz/specs of things found in the carpet hold any type of nutrition for growing babies? Like, maybe protein.. or a really good source of vitamin A. Or maybe a high percentage of carbs! I hope so.

Note to self: Try to be quicker at Jade's supersonic reflex of picking any tiny spec up and eating it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweet baby girl

Dear Jade,

I love you very much. I'm sorry I had to let you cry and get all upset tonight at bedtime. But you were so mad at me for trying to put you to sleep. I tried rocking you and singing your favorite bedtime song. You just wanted to play and play. So, I put you in your bed...and you got super upset. I tried consoling you by patting your back. Then I tried rubbing your head gently like I did when you were still so itty bitty. Well, that just seemed to make you even madder.

That left me no choice. I did the unthinkable. I left you in your bed, crying your little heart out. It broke my heart to hear you cry such a big girl cry. It wasn't all sweet and soft like your new cousin's cries. It was a "Mommy, puhlleeaaaasssse come back" cry. I heard every bit of it. And I promise.. I didn't let you cry like that forever. It was only 4 minutes. And as silly as it may sound, I think those 4 minutes were a lot harder on me than they were you.

I came back into your room, cuddled you in my arms, and we just swayed for a bit. You were out like a light before I even had time to blink.

Now, lesson learned, right? Just fall asleep while Mommy is rocking you and save us both the agony! =)