Monday, May 19, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Jade has been quite the blabber mouth. She was talking in her sleep by the time she was a month old..and hasn't been quiet since!

KK & Pops started working with Jade when she was about 4 months old on "Bye, Bye". And boy has she mastered that now! If one of us is holding her and she decides she's ready to leave, she'll just start waving and saying "BYE." Its soooo cute and totally diva!

Next was Pup! And that by far is her FAVORITE word... and her favorite thing. Sure, people may think she is a momma's girl. But really, the absolute fav thing in her life is probably her fur-brudder Sampson. The first words out of her mouth EVERY morning.. "pup", in the cutest little sleepy voice. Then, her eyes dart around looking for him.

But last night.. the unthinkable happened. She chose to say a very sweet word. However.. she chose to say it out of order. I was holding her. Then, she reached for Matt. As he went to get her, she started saying "Dada dada dada dada." (Yes, probably pure coincidence.. but we have been working on her for a while so who knows.) I knew Jade was gonna beat the odds and knock everyone's socks off and say "Mama" first. The inevitable is slowly happening.. she is becoming a little daddy's girl. And honestly, I'm pleased as punch about it. I love to watch them together... melts my heart!

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