Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Garage Sale

A while back, some friends of ours made this crazy courageous leap of faith to move out of their home and into a RV. They, along with their gaggle of girls (4 of them), will be journeying through North America to serve and spread the Good News of Jesus. After a few estate sales and a few more Garage Sales, the time came for them to officially pack it all up and move into the RV. In passing, my dear friend mentioned to me that she would be taking the last of what was left and donating it to Good Will. Well, the thought occurred to me, "Hey, lemme take it and have a Garage Sale to help raise funds for our adoption." (Oops, I forgot that I don't particularly like Garage Sales. So. Much. Work.)

Well, then it just kind of exploded. This person heard what we were doing, and then so did that person. I made a small comment on our church's Facebook page. And before you know it, our house looks like something off that TV show Hoarders. (Oops, I totally forgot that the Amazing Mister really hates Garage Sales too. But bless his beautiful heart, he didn't complain once!)

Thanks to all of our AMAZING FRIENDS and FAMILY for all the wonderful donations, the shopping you did at the garage sale, the refreshing of good Sweet Tea, and the helping to entertain our 3 little blondies.. we made just over $400 during the garage sale!

I am completely humbled and count it such a treasure that each of you that gave or served us in this way! Thank you so much for loving us and for encouraging us along in this process!

Please be praying for us as we work towards starting our homestudy! With God's provision, we feel like we will be ready to start the homestudy in August.

Happy Fathers Day

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day. In typical Brantner Family fashion, it was a hurried day with a lot going on. Having a husband in the ministry and the thick of a church plant, we don't get to see our Amazing Mister too much on Sundays.

Being that it was also his birthday this Sunday, I tried my best to get there a bit early with surprise donuts. Oh, you know, "the best laid plans...." or whatever that saying is. My poor husband had to eat his cold, stale donuts during the sermon with his warmed down chocolate milk.

Then, there was lunch. The rest of the great fam and I went to the restaurant, got a table, and awaited our gentleman to show. But sometimes, it can just take a long time to pack up an entire church into a trailer. So, my husband enjoyed some luke warm enchiladas with a watered down Coke-a-Cola. Bless it.

And to add to our normal Sunday exhaustion and day of rest, we were coming off some serious heat exhaustion from a phenomenal Garage Sale we had the day before. So many of our friends and dear loved ones were so precious to donate SO MANY things for the Garage Sale- our 1st official adoption fundraiser- that my house looked like something off of Hoarders. Most of the week last week was spent gathering the donations, pricing, sorting and of course the actual sale. With all my energy and focus on the garage sale, unfortunately, the Amazing Mister's big day didn't get celebrated with much fervor! Sorry, Babe! We'll celebrate soon!