Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For my sister..

My dog finally found a comfy spot on top of my favorite blanket (Thank you Jared and Michelle.. I cuddle up with that blanket every night on the couch.) He only found that comfy spot by turning about 80 million circles before he laid down. Hmm. I thought only cats did that.

As I type, my eyes are screaming at me for making them glare at this painstakingly bright screen for at least 10 hours (and counting) today. Oh the joys of being back at work full-time. But what a blessing to be so busy that I still have work to do when I get home.. when many are hoping and praying for any work at all.

The Mister is at school.. I miss him.

The precious princess ran full speed AT me today (note: NOT AWAY) when I picked her up from her KK's house. My heart literally melted. And after our nightly routine, she clung to me and gave me "gentle pats" before I laid her in bed. At that point, my cup was more than "runneth" over'ing. I miss hearing the new things she is doing and saying. Only getting 2 solid hours with her a day during the week is tough.

I hear the clock on our living room wall ticking at me in a menacing tone. By the way, did you know, we now have a piano in our living room? Our new favorite word is "cozy" to describe the current set up in here.

So.. there you have it, Sister-O-Mine. I updated my blog. Didn't promise it would be pretty.. entertaining.. or melded together in the slightest! (Our camera is too dead and currently without a charger to post cute pictures. And my brain is too dead and currently without a charger to post witty words.)

Love ya!

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Janet said...

thank you... i so enjoy reading about your life and being proud of you... you are an amazing momma, just remember keep your socks on when you're posting stuff on fb!!!