Friday, July 24, 2009


About 3 weeks ago, Jade had a really nasty kidney infection. To be on the safe side, Jade's doctor ordered several tests out of fear of possible kidney reflux. Since my neice had this done several years ago, I called my sister for the scoop. So, we went in somewhat prepared. The Amazing Mister even stopped to get several bribes. What? Like you wouldn't? With candy, sprite and a bag full of toys in hand, we entered in.

First, Jade needed ultrasounds of all her "plumbing organs." This wasn't too bad, as I was able to lay beside her during it. And we were able to keep popping candy in her mouth at this point. That might have helped too.

*reading Brown Bear to Daddy*

After a short wait, we went to the radiation room. I had to scoot out while they did several x-rays. And the screaming/crying started. Next, came the catheder. Oh the joy. The Amazing Mister, 2 nurses and I held Jade down so another nurse could put the catheder in. I left while they did several more x-rays. The next x-ray required an emptied bladder. The poor princess was so anxious it took her a while to finally get the urge. PTL she asked to go on the potty though! Whoot! 1 last x-ray and the last bout of screaming...

And now, without further procrastination, I will be joining the Big Princess for a joyous nap.

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