Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well, Hello there!

Um.. if there is anyone even there.

At least I know of one person that will be extremely happy that I'm FINALLY updating! (*Cough* Janet * Cough*)

What can I say? The real world just kept getting in the way of me needing to keep up with one of my fav hobbies: Blogging. Ahhh.. but I'm back yall!

So much has happened in the past 2-3 months. (Really, has it been that long?) How can I possibly catch yall up? Shall we just proceed with a nice summarized/ updated version of my recent progress post? I think we shall!


*Says all of her ABCD's (as she calls them!)

*Knows most of the letter sounds

*Sings about a bazillion songs, and can hum most of them now

*Plays pretend Mommy non-stop. (Today she put her "babies" down in her old crib, walked out and sang to them at the door, and came and told me "shhh, babies napping.")

*knows that baby Gavin is in mommy's tummy.. (Yes, that's right folks.. I am with child! We are so ecstatic! Hmm.. maybe another excuse for my absence.)

*Recognizes her written name, and can even spell her name

*And lets not forget. 2 1/2 months is a long time in the bloggin' world. Long enough time for the girl to grow some hair! Woot-woot! (Well enough to put up into ridiculous little pig-tails.)

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