Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Me that is. Well, Jade too.. but that's a given.

This past weekend I celebrated a very wonderful birthday with some very wonderful people. On my actual birthday, I worked out, grocery shopped in the company of my handsome husband and precious princess.. with one of my fav iced coffees in hand. The drink was mine for the most part, until Jade realized what it was. The only thing I remember about the shopping trip was her saying "dink" over and over and over and over. But it was so delightful to have two of my favorite people with me. Then, we celebrated my beautiful neice's birthday, who just happens to have the same birthday as muah. Mmm.. cookie cake.

Then my amazing Mr. took me out with some of our close friends for the best Mexican food ever and the best Cheesecake ever. That's right, people! We were hopping from one restaraunt to the next. And it was splendid. When we made it home, the Mr. had my birthday present proudly on display. Seeing as how I only asked for a book and a new set of pj's, I was pretty suprised to see a digital frame playing some of the cutest pictures of our little family. I have enjoyed it (almost) every minute since. He likes to spoil me. (Its sitting all proud-like in front of my computer screen at work. More on that to come later though.)

The next day we enjoyed lunch with the Mr's family. Where I was spoiled even more! Between our famil(ies), friends and the Mr... I don't think I will need another present for-like-ever!

Thank you all so much for making my birthday so wonderful! Your company alone was such a treat! But the gifts are so appreciated, and I cherish them!

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