Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fantasy and Reality

I'm a bookworm. I like books. I like stories. I'm not too incredibly picky when it comes to a book, and I can usually find satisfaction in just about anything I read. Of course, I do have certain genres that peak my interest more than others. But the point is.. I love to read. Give me a good book.. and I can't do anything else but read. I've been this way ever since I can remember. Our spare bedroom upstairs houses my old bedroom furniture from my parent's house. And on the hutches sits every elementary-junior high book nerd's dream. Books upon books. The collection spills into our the master bedroom. (But technically, I can't claim all of those. Even though the Amazing Mister isn't the most avid reader.. he does enjoy reading. A little.)

Because of my fascination/obsession with books, I try not to read them too much. In the two and a half years my beloved and I have been in wedded bliss, I have read maybe 10 books. Maybe even less, maybe one more. I sacrificially give up reading from time to time.

However, I occasionally get sucked back into the world of the thick pages of a good book. Vivid images pop into my head and play out almost like a movie as my mind digests each word of the novel. Minutes turn into seconds and hours turn into minutes. Like I was telling Matt, being immersed in a good book is ten times better than the best movie of the year. Its like taking all my favorite shows and having them amplified in ten different ways to like the tenth power. And when I'm not reading the book, my imagination runs wild with possible upcoming scenarios in the book. Even when I've finished with the book, my imagination still runs amuck a little with the "happily ever after" part.

Last Monday I got sucked back in the worst kind of way. Friends had told me about this series at least a year ago. I brushed it off, thinking I would not be interested in the slightest. But a coworker recently brought it up. And long after the hysteria broke out, I got on the bandwagon and read the Twilight series.

You read that right. I read the series. Over 2100 pages in a matter of a week. I began Monday, March 9th and finished the last book in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, March 17th. While this series does not hold the same innocence as my trusty Babysitter Club series, it does not leave me feeling utterly dejected at the end of the reading. Suspense, romance, adventure and a little action.. hook, line and sinker.. I'm a Twilight fan! I recommend the series if you're looking for some light reading!

However, I do not recommend that you become as obsessed as I become when I read books. It is inevitable that you will be holed up in your house at night, in your car at lunch, and some quiet place in between to escape into the little fantasy world that books can create. (Again, only because books to me are like 10 awesome movies all rolled into binding with words and pages.) And as a result, you may feel like a hermit at the end. This will inevitably leave you blinking repeatedly in the bright sunlight and fumbling to regain any social skills you may have once had.

Oh. And Matt is glad to have his wife back again.

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Amber Dawn said...

I did the same thing Carla!!! It became an obsession in November. I literally took me 4 days. After I finished one, I ran to Wal-Mart to buy the next. It was BAD!!