Thursday, March 26, 2009

She Pooped!!


Tuesday night, Jade and I are playing in the living. Before I knew what was happening, Jade was saying "Potty, potty", running to the bathroom. 

Being the awesome Mom I am, I was totally prepared with a potty chair and everything. Or so that's how I imagined it. But in reality, it was a matter of her hanging onto my arms for support and balance. 

After a few seconds, she got a little bored or something. And I figured it was just a fluke. But she sure was standing strange after I got her down.

So, I used my cat-like reflexes to put back on the potty.. and of course encouraged her! And the princess did her business!

YAY! Wal-Mart here we come for that potty seat!


Lauren said...

Woo hoo!! Good job little girl! She's growing up!

Bonnie said...

Yay Jade! Get the toilet seat not the small potty. We use the adaptor thingie and there is no cleaning a pot involved! We use the small potty for the car (like at the park).

I have a great book (3 Day Potty Training) if you're interested. She suggests starting at 22 months. It worked for us. :)