Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sanctification through my kids

I absolutely love that my husband has said "Yes" to the calling on his life, and has surrendered himself fully to Jesus. One small part of this means that he is the worship leader at our church, and is responsible for getting there pretty early each Sunday morning. However, in the midst of trying to get 3 small children up, fed, dressed and out of the house each Sunday morning- oh and all by myself- sometimes I lose sight of that just a little bit.

As it goes on many a Sunday in our home, I was racing around frantically to gather this or that. And as usual, somebody has lost a sippy cup in that black hole that seems to swallow everything we need when we are trying to make a mad dash out the door. Someone else remembers they have to go potty, and like NOW, before we can think about stepping out the door. Yet another one has hair that looks like some field mice tried to make a nest in whilst she was sleeping. But alas, we seem to make it to the car, if not for the minor injuries we may have sustained in getting there. (Our poor littlest fella tripped on his way out and skinned his toe up pretty badly. He has proudly shown off his "bobo" every moment since.)

After the crazy of the storm (or getting ready/dressed- call it whatever you will), there is the calm (you can also refer to this as the first few minutes of our car ride to church). I try my hardest to not look at the clock during this time, because, inevitably- I'm late.. again. Instead, I prepare my heart and my mind for worship. And sometimes, this includes apologizing to my sweet little blonde-haired cherubs for the cray-cray lady they saw 5 minutes earlier trying to shoo them into the car. However, I'm interrupted.

"Mom, I wish we had lots and lots of money so we could go do fun stuff whenever we wanted!" (Yes, me too! Well, hmm.. sort of. Ok, Ouch, not really.)

And this. This is what I love about being a Mom. All these little moments. The ones that can too easily be swept under a rug. The ones, that if you blink, you miss 'em. It's sentences like these, out of the clear blue, that I capture and remember. Hash out the heart issues that lie underneath them, and save it all up for a rainy day.

Oh mylanta, did that precious thing know what she was doing when she spurt forth that sentence? 

I shared with her my heart on the matter, and what we believe. Yes, I too struggle with wanting to spend money on lots of frivolous things. Lots. But, those things, ultimately will not bring glory to God. Yes, my sweet baby, I love spoiling you and all of us having fun as a family and spending on fun things sometimes. But is this the way God would really want us to spend the money He has blessed us with? What if we could use our money for lots of other great things? Like, helping someone who may need it more than us. We already have a safe home, plenty of food, clean water, clothes.. anything we could ever need and lots of stuff we want. But there are others who don't!

We had a brief discussion in my hopes of sharing with her that our joy isn't in money; that our joy is in Jesus.

"Mom, on the weekends, lets find all the money we can and give it to people who need it most!"

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