Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why I'm *not* adopting...

We're not adopting because I won or will win a Mother of The Year Award. But we are adopting because I am a mom and he's a dad. I love being a mom. I love taking care of my sweet kids, and would love nothing more than to have an extra set of feet stomping through the house. How sweet would it be to hear a few extra giggles and "I love you's" through the day?

We are not adopting because we have tons and tons of cash lying around that we have no idea what to do with. We are adopting because in the grand scheme of things, money doesn't REALLY matter. 

We are not adopting because we know it will be a super easy process, with no hurdles or emotional struggles to go through. We are adopting because when you want a child, you will do incredible things to bring that child home. While having our 3 children "the old fashioned way", I regulated my diet, slept a certain schedule, and did some things I wouldn't normally do. My body was put through the ringer to bring those sweet babies into this world, and I wouldn't say it was a necessarily easy process. Having (and raising) children is not an easy process. 

We are not adopting because we are this super awesome family who's perfect and have everything figured out, and will provide a Cinderella story to some kid who needs a happy ending. Well, we kind of are. But we aren't perfect. We are pretty awesome, but maybe not the most awesome family ever in the existence of all families everywhere! We might not be able to have a perfect little packaged Cinderella story with our adopted one... or even our biological children for that matter. While we hope and pray we provide that for our child, the world will not come to end if it doesn't. We didn't decide not to have children for fear that they may not be perfect. We didn't decide not to put our children in sports, music, or even school for fear that they would not be the best or excel exceedingly at each and everything they do. 

We chose to adopt because when you get right down to it we are a family. A family that knows there are children who need families. Children who would love to have a Mom and a Dad. Children who would love to have sisters and a brother- to play with, to hug, to have movie nights with, to fight over the toys with, etc.

We chose to adopt because we are adopted, through the work of Jesus on the cross, His burial and His resurrection.

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