Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm not quite sure where this might lead, but I have had some things burning on my heart lately..and just need an outlet! So, I'm going to pause on the "Mommy Ramblings"-about Jade at least- for a moment or two, and just pour my heart out.

Now, where to begin?

Can I just tell you how much it hurts when I read of all the child abuse that seems to be running rampant in our country/world? Not that my heart doesn't hurt for any other injustice or other evil acts, but my heart especially aches for the children. I get so angry. I cry. I want to scream, and I want to literally beat some sense into those who do those things to these kids. At the same time, I'm overwhelmed with compassion and just want to bear hug them. "For they know not what they do..." Not exactly the same thing, but something tells me these people just don't have a clue. For all the babies that aren't hugged or kissed enough. (I'm sure Jade wishes I would just stop kissing her sometimes and give her some breathing room from all the hugs.) For the small children who aren't praised for every little accomplishment... even if all they do is put on a t-shirt! For the older ones who aren't told I love you and you are special. My heart aches.

Children have always held a special place in my heart. Since having Jade, my heart is even more burdened for these kiddos.

One huge thing that is going on right now... the FLDS sect that has been raided, and the children shipped off. My heart is somewhat joyful that these sweet children/adolescents are out of the immenint danger of sexual abuse. And I say somewhat only because can you imagine what the mothers must be feeling? They are teaching their children their lifestyle and beliefs, and what they believe to be right... "train up a child in the way they should go"... and yet their children are snatched from their homes. May they come to know the sweet love and grace of my Perfect Savior.

Another "thing" that is going on, something I was completely oblivious to and probably not aware of: child trafficking. Sunday, I had the privilege of hearing a passionate Believer talk on the abolition of child slavery.. specifically on sex slavery. Can I even put into words the hurt my heart holds for these precious children who are subject to such vile acts? I would encourage you to go to and educate yourself on the subject. Oh how greatful I am that I was raised in a loving, nurturing and God-fearing home. I praise God that I led a somewhat "sheltered" life, and my eyes were shielded from things such as this.

I also encourage you to do what you can. For me, the first step is prayer.. taking it to the Almighty Healer... the Most Holy Sovreign One. Maybe one day.. maybe we could give our time to volunteer at an orginization. Maybe one day.. we will open our home to a child who just needs a loving embrace, and a pat on the back... who needs a family and a personal relationship with Jesus. Maybe..just maybe.

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Matt and April said...

I know the feeling you are talking about when you hear about these awful things! Something about being a mommy...