Thursday, March 20, 2014

In case you were wondering...

It's been a while since my fingers have typed on ye old blog. But alas, here I am again. In my comfy little corner of the inter webs, settling in as if I were catching up with an old friend over a delicious cup of hot joe. I love this little space of mine, and it makes me sad that I haven't had a moment to properly articulate everything that has been happening in my world and in my heart over the last few months.

As you may recall, the wonderful Mr. and I were taking foster care training classes through a local orphan-care ministry. Our hopes and dreams were to take the classes (and the 500 other necessary) steps needed to adopt a waiting child. The one small, but huge, hiccup is that there are virtually no waiting children (in the foster care system) for the age group we had hoped to adopt. Nor would the state be likely to place an older child in our home for straight adoption based on the amount and ages of our biological children.

As with any fork in the road, we prayed. We sought God in our decision making. Were we just being stubborn about foster care? Was foster care to be a part of our adoption story and providing a family for a child in need?

And after time in prayer, we still did not feel at peace about foster care at this point in time in our lives. Do we believe in foster care and the need for it? Definitely! And maybe one day down the road we might be able to open our home for that.. but at this point in time, no.

So, we are back to actively waiting for a precious boy to come home to his forever family. We joyfully support our friends, and encourage those in the adoption process- no matter what stage of that process they may be in. We are praying for discernment on timing, type and location.

Thank you to everyone for all your sweet emails, texts and comments. We appreciate all the encouragement you have offered to us on (what seems to be a never-ending) this journey!

We will excitedly share with you any fun little twists and turns our adoption journey may lead us on.. whether that might be an international adoption, or whether we might open our home to foster care with the hopes of adopting a child very locally.

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