Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Process is Craziness

The adoption process is craziness. All the work.. all the emotions.. all the things.. it's just a bit crazy. But it's also a lot wonderful. It's challenging, because you feel like all the papers have overtaken your entire life. Quite frankly, I have no idea how a couple could possibly gather all their documents and both hold down a full-time job. It's challenging, because your heart breaks for the millions of children in the world that NEED a family... and knowing the one that belongs in your family is sitting there waiting for you, while there's nothing you can possibly do to get to him sooner.  And it's challenging because crazy things happen to you during the process. (Being involved in a hit and run accident in the midst of gathering all the documents, or your oven quitting on you and putting on quite a theatrical display of it, too.)

Our hearts have been on this passionate tug-of-war for quite some time now. Our lungs have felt at full-capacity for quite some time as we've been holding our breath in anticipation for our sweet boy. 

But in the midst of all the crazy.. in the midst of the heart-wrenching moments.. in the midst of all the work, the encouragement never ceases to amaze me. From random text messages, to Facebook comments, to a note in the mail, a hug from a friend, a random donation to our adoption fund.. the ways we've been cheered on over the past 31 months has been incredible. 

It's been so inconceivably amazing that it was safe to assume we'd reached a point that no form of encouragement would be quite shocking. Does that mean that any kind of encouragement is expected now? Well, no, definitely not. Does that mean that we don't cherish every donation made and we're not brought to our knees in praise when it happens? Well, no. 

But sometimes, something new.. something fresh.. something different happens... and it doesn't always have to be a GINORMOUS gesture, but even the small and so amazingly sweet things bring a smile to your heart, a gasp to your lips, and the ugly cry to your eyes. 

As we returned home after Community Group, I checked the mail. In the box was a handful of cards and such. It's not unusual for our mailbox to be filled with personalized envelopes this time of year. I love seeing our name and address handwritten on the outside of an envelope. And it brings me so much joy to see all the beautiful faces of our loved ones that take up the space inside those envelopes. But inside one of those envelopes, I also found this red envelope. 

In it, my incredibly sweet friend wrote that it's customary for someone to be given a red envelope in celebration of the Chinese New Year. She wished us well on our adoption journey, and is praying that we can use her gift in China soon. 

And again. At a completely random moment... on a mundane day.. I was overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord....for this friend that has been so gracious in helping me learn about our son's culture, and hasn't snickered too loudly when I've tried my best at his native language. As the tears poured down, I recalled all the ways He has provided for our family on this journey. For the friends that have spent countless hours helping raise funds... for the friends who've prayed countless prayers on our behalf and for our son... for those who've not held their tongue or stopped their fingers from sending encouraging words.. for those who've selflessly emptied their pockets. 

If there is anything I want to remember about the last 31 months.. and the next few months, its that the adoption process is crazy. The adoption process is crazy amazing. It is crazy good. It is crazy encouraging. 

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