Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jade has become all about climbing within the past couple of weeks. She climbs into her little rocking chair to rock her babies. She climbs up the stairs (with careful supervision, of course.) She climbs, she climbs, and climbs some more.

And this past week, she thought it would be funny to nearly give her mother a heart attack. Let's be real honest here. I love my daughter, I love watching her play, I love being involved in all the little things and the big, but I can't possibly keep my eye on her every moment of every day. 

One of Jade's favorite things to climb into, is this little play table thing. The top comes off, and it is like a little storage bucket thing for the building blocks. Miss Priss loves to throw the top off, and yes, literally throws it off. Then, proceeds to chunk each and every building block behind her. After all this, she climbs in and will just sit in there for a few minutes. Or will get out and climb back in repeatedly. Well, one day this past week, I was in the kitchen doing somethin'. I came around the corner of our bar to peek on her. There she was, just standing up in the thing, smiling like she was happier than a pig in poop! 

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