Monday, September 29, 2008


Well.. after 15 long days, we finally have power! Can I just say how thankful I am for our families? Between our moms and extended family, we were well fed, cooled by fans at night, and I was able to keep working! Oh.. and thanks to Aunt J and Mom for keeping us in clean clothes!

Even through all the blessings, it was still a bit of a rough few weeks for us, literally. Poor Jade got into an ant bed and had about a dozen bites on one of her legs. She busted her lip at church. Playing a little rough with kittens over at KK's house left a few scratches on her arms. And she tripped on Grandma's concrete porch, giving her a few scratches on her big toes. She is one tough little Princess though. She didn't even cry once through all of that.

So, if you really want to know what comes out of not having power for two weeks.. other than being hot in your house and relying on others that do have power. You get to watch your baby girl develop sweet relationships with family that she isn't around all that much. (Working from my mom's house enabled Jade to get to know her Aunt, her Granny, her Grandmaw, Grandma's "Friend", and her cousin really well.) You get a much lower electric bill than what you are used to! And when you finally do get power.. you think you have never been so happy to finally run a vaccuum, the dishwasher, and do all your laundry in your own house!

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