Friday, October 3, 2008


Sometimes, I think my whit and smartness even suprises me. That is, until I am around my daughter.. then I pretty much just feel like a pea-brain sometimes.

Jade is very much into the not liking vegetables stage right now. Or not liking something today that she loved yesterday. But last night, I have to admit that I out-whitted the smartest princess in all the land. No matter what we are eating, Jade HAS to have a bite. So, I made myself some mixed veggies and of course.. she wanted some. Girlfriend probably ate at least 4 days worth of veggies with dinner last night! Woot woot! And of course, the real fun began when I gave her the main course.. raviolis!!

Another thought... maybe if I just scattered my floor and Sampson's food bowl with veggies.. she would probably eat them all day and every day! Seriously, its a thought I should really consider.

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