Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party Hard-y

Is that how that is spelled?

Anyways, we had a blast celebrating sweet Lela's 3rd birthday at her house! Our friends have the cutest cottage-y, country type house on the cutest little acre or so of land.. with the most picturesque surroundings. Lela may have been the birthday girl, and center of attention.. but I was able to snap some really cute shots of the Princess doing her own thing. 
This one is a bit blurry.. but I think you get the point.

Princess On A Mission

"Why in the world does this ball have all these bumpy things on it?"

Our friend made some really cute favor bags for the party guests, which included theme oriented favors. Jade got a really cute animal mask and a farm book. I knew I should have given away tiara's and jewels at Jade's 1st Birthday Party.. I know my nephews would have totally love that!! =)

Sidenote: Princess can now get off high surfaces safely. (Like the couch, our bed, etc... all of course under our supervision.) And today she scooted down the stairs on her bottom.. but I have no idea where she learned that. 

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