Monday, October 20, 2008

Ordinary Day

I woke up this morning, quite refreshed.. and anticipating a tall cup of fresh coffee Thanks to Mr. Amazing, I enjoyed sipping on it while I worked and peeked out the window every once in a while to a beautiful sunrise. Pretty soon, the most beautiful noise filled my ears. The Princess had awoken and was talking so sweetly in her room, just kind of babbling. We had fun eating breakfast together. I threw on some clothes, and we went to go pump some iron. (Sidenote: Don't become really good, ie best friends with people who own a gym. It just makes you want to workout. Hah.) Jesus and I had some great time together on the elyptical machine thanks to Watermark. After I was about to break out in a completely grotesque sweat, we left to go home and enjoy lunch.. and a bit of random play time. And after Jade's nap we went to the park. It was so beautfiful outside, and BONUS: we did not start dripping sweat as soon as we set foot outside. So, I guess we have our own version of fall here. Jade enjoyed the dirt/mulch the most at the park. You can call a girl a Princess as much as you want.. it doesn't mean she will always act like one! =)

FINALLY, after what seemed like an eternity, the Amazing Mr. came home. We grilled our shish-ka-bobs on our awesome deck. Well. We started out there, and then we ran out of propane. But thanks to Mr Foreman and his Lean Mean Grilling Machine, dinner was salvaged. After dinner, we let the dishes just sit. (Thanks to much coersing from the Amazing Mr., I did not immediately rush inside to do them.) Then, we ran around like wild goons telling the Princess we were going to "get her," and listened to the most precious giggles and squeals erupt out of her cute little mouth. Once it got too dark to be out, we came in. I did the dishes and peeked over the bar to see Jade showing every book she has to her daddy.. occasionally wrapping her sweet little arms around his neck.

In the blink of an eye, it was bed time. Jade thought it was hilarious to waller around on her tummy and then splash real crazy like in the bath. Then, we dressed her, prayed, and I rocked her for just a bit. I put her in her bed with her little blanket and Violet (her purple, stuffed hippo.)

So there you have it.. just another very *extra* ordinary day in our crazy/normal little life.

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Bonnie said...

Where is this gym you speak of? Do you need a workout buddy?