Friday, October 3, 2008


Way back when.. I was beyond blessed to see first hand just a glimmer of the amazing things God is doing across seas. I was blessed to be used to Glorify Him on some foreign mission trips. I can't even begin to desribe how those trips truly opened my eyes to just how AWESOME God is. After returning from one of those trips, I somehow stumbled upon this incredible book called The Voice of The Martyrs. I don't know how exactly, but I ended up with it..and was enthralled by it. I probably read it in about two days. All the stories in it were such a foreign concept. Poeple being persecuted for their faith in the most Holy of Holies? Hmm.. I guess a little teasing in school and weird looks don't count as persecution in the light of what some of these people had gone through. I thank God for opening my foolish eyes; for opening my eyes to the precious believers that are literally riksing EVERYTHING to make His name known.

So, when I "happened" to stumble across this blog, my heart broke and rejoiced for these people all in one! If you have a spare moment, visit (Sorry, I don't know how to make it all fancy and shortened!) I pray that as you read this 5 part story, you would be encouraged.. that your affections would be stirred for the real Joy-giver.. and that you be blessed.

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Bowles Family said...

Oh my... I read parts one and two, before Judah required my undivided attention. What a moving story, and what a beautiful reminder of what hardships our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering for the sake of the Gospel. Thanks for the fresh perspective.