Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3 Things

I'm not gonna lie. Today has been exceptionally awesome.

Amidst the ruckus and commotion of getting ready for school, my favorite first grader become overly distraught over a knot in her cross necklace. Well, knot is an understatement. It may take the jaws of life to get that thing undone. She was near hysteria claiming that she HAD to wear it to school that day.

I sensed something lurking beneath her shrieks of "you have to fix this, Mom!!" As best I could, I explained that I could not in fact fix it and that it would have to wait.

Her face dropped in defeat. She was so hoping to wear the necklace to school, certain that no one in her school knew about Jesus… and she needed to share with them about who He was and what the cross means. Bless it.

Several hours later, I stood outside in the crisp Autumn air looking for a particularly beautiful preschooler. Her long blonde hair was easy to spot in the flurry of classmates that surrounded to her. I called out to my favorite preschooler and she ran into my arms, exclaiming how she'd missed me today.

The Director of her program made her way to me with questioning eyes. "I just have to ask. When will you be expecting your adopted son to be home?"

I explained to her where our hearts were on the matter and the point of the process we are at.

"You know, she has just been talking and talking about the new brother she will have! I thought you might be bringing him home tomorrow by how excited she is!"

After several minutes of conversation regarding orphan care, adoption, foster care and how we're preparing our children's hearts for a new sibling.. I made my way to the car, and unleashed the ugly cry. Tears of gratitude and thanksgiving over the Lord softening my sweet girl's heart and making it ready for a new sibling were streaming down my face.

I cleaned my face up just in time to share a meal with the two smalls at Chick-fil-a. Once inside and seated, I noticed that the area we were seated in was shared with a class of special needs children. Their excited chatter about nuggets and soft drinks played a sweet symphony while we ate.

One of the managers came to the middle of the area ready to pass out goodies to the kids. Upon receiving his stuffed cow, one boy excitedly proclaimed, " I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! I AM SO HAPPY! I LOVE YOU ALL!" His joy was unhindered for a good 15 minutes as he exclaimed his love.

I wanted to hug his neck and tell him that he was totally my people! It's exactly how I feel every time I'm in Chick Fil A, too! God bless sweet tea and nuggets, Amen.

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