Thursday, February 6, 2014


My house is still and quiet. Even the thoughts in my head have been coaxed to enjoy the simplicity that the next few hours will bring.

With the sounds of deep-napping-almost-snoring filling my ears and the softest of scents accompanying this calm, I'm so grateful to have found time to process all that has culminated today.

This morning I made a call to the agency we chose to work with in our adoption process. Our agency offers support to those providing foster care as well as those who are adopting through our state's protective service. We spoke for some time regarding our family, his experience in the adoption process, and what we feel called to do as a family.

I hung up the phone slightly discouraged with a million thoughts circulating in my mind. These thoughts, their scenarios and possible outcomes created a certain vortex for the day. Most of the day has been consumed with thoughts on what the next step should be for our family.

Following our normal routine, I tucked our two youngest in for a time of deep rest. As soon as their breathing became deep and rhythmic, I retreated to my favorite quiet place in the house. I knew what I needed to do. I sought refuge in the Lord. I spent time in prayer, quickly opened my bible and the material for our current women's bible study at church. What a gift the Word of God is to speak to our lives and our circumstances!

I didn't have some great epiphany during my short time of study today. But I do know that we will be seeking God for wisdom through faith as our adoption journey has produced yet another turn.

Pray with us? Pray for wisdom as we seek which path to take? Pray for clarity.. that we would know how the Lord is answering? And Pray that we would boldly obey?

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