Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday Story: Being close enough to Needtobreathe to be spit on

My husband loves music. I mean, I like it a lot too. But he really loves music. Which in a way is really good, since its kind of his job.

Now that we are real grown-ups, the concerts we attend are more few and far between than in yesteryears. And as we've "matured", our choice in visited venues is much more selective.

I'll never forget the first NeedToBreathe concert we went to. Several years back, on the heels of their 2nd album release they made a stop in Houston. They were already a big deal, but hadn't really exploded with popularity just yet. 

My handsome blonde guy and I dined at a nearby restaurant. We quickly made our way to the venue to get a good spot in the line for when they opened the doors. Being some of the first ones in, we planted ourselves (nearly) front row center of the general audience (standing room) section. 

And y'all. They put on an awesome concert! As in the words of BooMama, it was pure joy from start to finish. Years later, we still say that it is one of the BEST concerts we've ever been to. Definitely top 3.

(*Fun sidenote. I was a few months into my pregnancy with our sweet boy who would complete the trifecta of little blonde people in our home, or the 3rd musketeer, or the 3rd stooge, or … well, you get it.)

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