Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Together We Wept

Sometimes our sinful nature and the evidence of the fall hit you with such abrupt force, it leaves you in tears.

My phone chimed with an email. Not really a sound I pay much attention to on most occasions. But in a quiet house, with nothing filling my mind but relaxation, I opened my email to see what the message might be.

Unfortunately, my excitement over it not being Spam mail was quickly replaced with heartbreak. Our beloved eldest child had chosen not to restrain her excited chitter chatter during a time that required her complete attention at school. Even after a gentle reprimanding by her instructors, she chose to keep jabbering with a few of her besties. Our strong, independent girl was unable to participate in the rest of the activities with her classmates due to her actions.

I wept when I saw the email. Utterly heartbroken over my daughter's blatant sinful actions towards her instructors. And as swiftly as I cried for her, the Spirit gently stirred my heart to recollect on times I have been unsubmissive to those in authority over me.. or times I was prideful in thinking my way was better than someone else's.

Her sweet face was remorseful as she buckled her seatbelt in the car. Worlds of sorrow and "sorry" flowed from her precious, little mouth. We wept together.

There are sins that are easily "swept under the rug" at times, or sins that don't quite catch our eyes all the time. The usual toy snatching and stinginess of a toddler and pre-schooler in a battle royale becomes almost normal in our eyes. So normal that it may not quite break our hearts over our own sinful natures each time we see it.

But sometimes, things happen.. and the Lord might use one particular instance to instantly open your eyes.

Digging deeper than just the surface of the situation, together we pinpointed what caused her to act the way she had. Obviously, she was reprimanded for being chatty by the authorities. But, at the heart of the matter she did not respect those in authority over her and acted out of a pride to keep talking with her friends.

Without the gospel, we could stay in this sorrowful place over her (and my) wrongdoings. But through the lens of the gospel, we can rejoice that the war has been won. The battle was fought, and Jesus secured victory through His work on the cross. Through our faith in Him, we can confess our sins and repent… knowing He is just and good to forgive us. We can pray that the Holy Spirit does a work in our hearts to make us joyful obeyers to those in authority over us.

I'm never a big fan of when my kids sin.. whether they are big sins or little sins (in our eyes at least). But I am a big fan of leading my kids to Jesus and the Cross. Whether I do that in times of strife or times of great joy in our house, may I do it boldly. There is no greater joy in motherhood than the opportunity to witness to my kids about our risen Savior.

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You're an amazing mother... times can get though but you're doing great! :)