Thursday, April 17, 2014

Am I in labor?

Throwback Thursday Stories

My middle section was stretched almost to its limits. My feet showed swollen signs of the end of a pregnancy. And we were excited to meet our precious boy. 

The carseat was loaded in the car in the chance I went into labor. All the linens were washed, and ever preparation that could be made was made. 

I went to the doctor to see how the pregnancy was progressing. Because his two older sisters had to be forcibly evacuated from the womb, I was expecting our sweet boy to be content on holding out a bit longer. However one week prior to my due date, the doctor made an assumption that I wouldn't make it back for my next appointment. In his estimations, I would deliver our third child without the help of an induced labor. I chuckled right to his face and said, "ok, see you next week!"

The remainder of the day was as mundane as any other Monday. The phone rang and emails chimed in as I educated customers on insurance policies, rates and appropriate coverages for their needs. 

After the work day was done, I raced home to embrace my two favorite little blonde girls in a big hug. Being away from them for so many hours during daylight hours always made my Momma heart hurt too much. As much as I wanted to just sit and cuddle them on the couch that evening, I had a nagging feeling to clean every square inch of the house. So, I did. I cleaned from the tip top to the bottom, and back again. There wasn't a surface in the home that wasn't wiped clean, or any fabric that hadn't been swished clean in the washing machine. All the things were in their proper places, and everything was just so. 

My loving husband stubbornly encouraged me to quit for the night just after 10. Begrudgingly, I resigned to the shower. Once I had washed the muck from the day away, I retired to bed. Tossing and turning for an eternity did not ease me into a peaceful sleep. I just didn't feel well. 

Maybe fixing my damp hair and passing time would help lull me into a deep sleep? I got out of bed to primp my hair just a bit, returned to bed for more tossing and turning.

I still didn't feel well. So, I trudged downstairs for a snack. After a few glasses of water and a granola bar, I willed my legs to carry me back up the stairs. 

Several hours later, I still didn't feel well and just couldn't go back to sleep. I finally woke my husband in the smack dab middle of the night. 

"I think I might be in labor," I whispered to him.

"What? Really? How do you know," he questioned me.

"I have no idea! I've never been in real labor before," I exclaimed back.

After laboring most of the night at home, I finally made myself go to the hospital. This #tbt pic is me in labor with our 3rd blondie. 

After arrangements and decisions were made, I finally went to the hospital. Since my labors had not naturally started on their own for my previous pregnancies, I had no idea what the start of a natural labor felt like.  I was scared of looking foolish and kept telling my mom "I'm gonna feel so dumb if I'm not really in labor." 

To my amazement (and relief), I was in labor

I always chuckle a little when I remember the birth story of our spirited little Dino lover. Being a mom of 2 might qualify you to know what to expect when you go into labor, but I felt so clueless going to the hospital. And not much has changed since then. He's kept me on my toes and surprises me quite frequently.

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