Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friendly Friends

I'm going to let you in on a little secret..something. I'm a loner.

Yes, we've discussed this a time or two, I know.

I am naturally independent and don't mind spending time by myself, or not being overly social.

When something happens, I'm not the type to normally call my girlfriends about it and gab for hours on end to process through the range of emotions. Most often, I retreat somewhere quiet to think and contemplate, and of course pray.

Because of my natural introvert and loner tendencies, I've believed the lie a time or two that "I don't have any friends."

I challenged myself on this recently. Surely it wasn't that I didn't have any friends….I do in fact have friends.

The best kinds of friends to have are the ones that not only invest in your life.. but care so much to invest in your marriage and your kid's lives. One of my dearest friends not only comes to grunge it up in pajamas and be lazy on my couch and watch movies, but she sometimes comes over to play with my kids and sends me off on a date with my amazing hubs!

The best kinds of friends to have are the ones you can send silly selfies to after a haircut. And they laugh with you at the ridiculousness of the thought of an-almost-30-year-old standing by herself in the mall taking a selfie.

The best kinds of friends to have are the ones who take you out for your birthday and buy you the most beautiful mound of nachos you have ever seen in your entire life!

The best kinds of friends to have are the ones that go with you on not-so-crazy adventures to play with some refugee kids in the city .. and then eat at a really interesting Bosnian restaurant afterwards. 

The best kinds of friends to have are the ones who go out and do fun things with you. And then they don't even make fun of you for your lack of painting skillz when doing said fun thing. 

And the absolute best friends to have? Those are the ones that the Lord has beautifully woven your stories together through shared conversations here or random text messages there. The ones that can laugh with you over a simple mishap from some time ago. The best friends to have are the ones that the Lord has placed in your life.. no matter what age or stage they're in, no matter the differences or likeness you share, no matter the closeness of your relationship.. or the not-so-closeness.

I am so thankful for the friends I have… thankful to pray for them, and to be prayed over. Thankful for the opportunity to pour into their lives, and be blessed in return. Thankful to serve Him together, no matter how that might look in our current seasons.. from big things like ministry outside the home.. to big things like investing in our ministries we've been entrusted with in our homes.

I love my friends, and I refuse to buy into the lie that I don't have friends.

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