Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Special Spot

Her tired hands have done much work throughout the day, and her aching back echoes the same sentiment.

The morning came too soon. She joyfully sends her eldest off to school, entertains another precocious one into the afternoon hours. And her midsection grows every minute, carefully housing and growing another precious blessing.

After a bustling morning caring for her beloved children, she rests on the couch. She lays on her side, with her legs bent just so. There's a perfect little nook of space between those arched legs and the back of the couch. The precocious preschooler climbs up into that special spot and settles in for an afternoon of rest with his Mommy.

It's one of our family's favorite childhood memories of my husband. His mom recounts how late into her pregnancy with her youngest, her body would tire out in the afternoon. Most afternoons, she would play a movie for her little boy, and he'd watch the movie in his Special Spot.

When my kids were old enough to start enjoying movies, we encouraged them to take residence in the Special Spot.

And the Special Spot has taken on a life of its own, almost. It is no longer reserved for the parent to encourage the little ones to enjoy.

You can hear little voices quickly instructing the others to climb in the Special Spot.

I love how this one special memory from my husband's childhood, and my kid's KK has been passed down to them. It not only encourages them to be loving to one another, but adds so much depth to this simple act of kindness. What a joy it is to share in precious memories of the past and of making new ones for the future!

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