Friday, October 31, 2014

A longing. He must feel it, too.

The aroma of Pumpkin, enchanting spices and warm sugar seeps through my home. The kids spend the days giddy for all the festivities that this time of year brings. Their bright smiles are infectious and contagious.

We, Dad and Mom, find ourselves chuckling with them. It is a joyous time a year with much to be thankful for. We are happy.

But with each activity, there is an underlying current of anticipation. A sense of longing. We are anxious for this boy to join our home and our family. A boy we have prayed for often. I know he must feel it, too.

(Photo Courtesy of Coreluv Intl.)
Running, playing and even laughing with his friends in the hot Caribbean sunlight. Chowing down on rice and beans. He must wonder what its like to have a family of his own. He must wonder if there will be a Mom to love him and wipe his tears, a Dad to play soccer with.

This boy, our boy, should know the immense love of his Mom and Dad. He should know the love of his brother and sisters. He has the right to a family that will cherish him forever and always, the right to be loved and to be a part of a family!

We rest in the fact that God absolutely loves this boy! He LOVES him! Far more and greater than we could ever love this precious child. He sacrificially and selflessly sent His Son to make a way for this boy to be called into a greater family. We pray this boy knows this Father's LOVE. We pray that He will use us to help show this precious boy that LOVE.

What a joy and privilege it is to show our children this wonderful LOVE! We would love to share this love with our boy. We're onto the next hurdle in our adoption journey. Will you please pray for us as we move forward?

There are many more documents to be collected. Many more official stamps and seals to be obtained on said documents.

It has astounded us that so many have been so kind and generous to us in this journey. Your giving, prayers and kind words are humbling! We are so very grateful!

We know that this time of year presents many opportunities for people to be charitable.  There are MANY wonderful ministries and organizations that do so many wonderful things, that accomplish so much and ministers to people in very tangible ways.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting our adoption journey? We would be so blessed by your charitable gift and generous giving to help bring our boy home.. to his FAMILY!

Please visit our Adoption Fundraising Website.

Thank you for loving us.. and thank you for loving our boy!

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