Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Homestudy Part 2

Oh the Homestudy. Its the first step in the adoption process.

It sounds so simple, so easy.

I think we win the award for LONGEST home study process. EVER. Funny (and by funny, I really mean, not-so-funny) things happened like our coordinator leaving the country for a little while and our agency encountering a slight hiccup, and well.. it just made the process drag a tad.

After rounding papers from here, there and everywhere, we were finally ready to welcome our Social Worker into our home. We'll call her "B."

"B" came by on a lovely Sunday afternoon. We loved having her in our home, and the kids enjoyed "showing off" for her. She had a knack for being warm, welcoming and listened generously. Everyone tells you not to worry about the interview portion of the home study.

But you never listen. Instead you purge 8 years worth of stuff from every nook and cranny in your home. You get 4 hours of sleep the night before, and are running on pure caffeine and adrenaline when the worker gets to your home. Its awesome. (Said no one ever.)

About 30 minutes into your interview, you realize you should have totally listened to everyone. The interview portion is nothing to sweat over.

As soon as "B" left, and my caffeine high subsided, I went into a deep coma for 80 days. Just kidding. But I did sleep REAL good that night. And I've enjoyed the fruits of my spastic cleaning ever since. I've never found things so easily in my pantry before or had so much room to walk in my closet! Its totally amazing.

"B" does all the fun work of compiling all those documents and the interview into a nice 30-some-odd (really its just about 10) page essay about your entire lives and those closest to you. You get to review it, advise of any adjustments/corrections here or there. And then it gets mailed to you several weeks later.

Sometimes you might cry when you FINALLY have it in your hands after all those months (5 to be exact) of hard work to complete that thing!

Yes, we finally have completed our home study! YAY!!!

Next up? The DOSSIER building. That's just a real fancy word for all. the. papers. of. the. entire. world.

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