Monday, February 18, 2008

SOOO Looooonnnggg

It has been soo long since I last posted! Its been so long that Jade is actually walking and talking now! =) Just kidding! Seriously though, a ton has happened.

Most recently, our sweet baby girl had her first ear infection.. or has. Well, technically its a double ear infection. She's still trying to get over the blasted thing. Thank God she is her father's daughter and loves the taste of her antibiotics! (I always hated liquid medicines or chewables growing up.) She's been a trooper though, and has done really great...with the exception of last night. She was out like a light a little after 8. Then, she woke up crying at about 12:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 2:30! Even though I am exhausted this morning, I can actually say that I did enjoy our time together last night. For the first time in her life she let me rock her!! Well, I have rocked her before, but she normally just plays and won't relax enough to enjoy it. So, for a good 30 minutes we just rocked. She was sleeping so sweetly... or so I thought. As soon as her little body make contact with her bed, she started wailing! I scooped her back up, and out like a light again. Which meant that I got a good nights rest sitting almost straight up in our bed. (I thought it might be better for her to be at an angle because of her drainage issues.)

Anyways... just to catch you up on some more precious stuff she has accomplished:

  • she lovessssss tags! (That taggy blanket is now really wonderful and handy, Bonnie!)
  • she like to play peekaboo with her burp rag or some other peice of cloth.
  • she drinks (well, mostly plays) from a sippy cup
  • she crosses her right index finger over her middle finger almost constantly
  • she now kicks and splashes non-stop during bath time
  • she swivels her body when she is sitting up to get to another toy. or she'll lean over to the outside of a leg.
  • she reaches out to people (but if I'm holding her.. she reaches for no-one, and will turn away! =) just another perk to being a Mommy)
  • she kind of waves bye-bye, but mainly just thinks its hilariously when you tell her bye
  • she is getting sensitive, sometimes at least, and will cry if Matt or I leave the room
  • she flaps her arms and kicks her legs like she is about to take flight when she gets really excited.
  • and the best for last.. she fake smiles sometimes! Like she is thinking "I know I'm supposed to smile at this, but really.. its not funny, Mom."

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