Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby on Vaca

A few weeks back, we took a mini vaca to Lake Travis with a few friends of ours. We had such a blast.. just relaxing out in the water and being lazy at the condo.

The day we left for Austin, Jade graduated to a forward facing carseat. I don't think she was all that impressed at first. Well.. I guess it was probably that and the fact that it was nap time. Either way, the first 45 minutes of the trip were just a little rough. Then, she was out like a light.

And as long as her belly was full, she was fully rested, and didn't have the "normal" lifejacket on.. She was perfectly content for the rest of the vacation. I'm beginning to thing Baby Girl is a bit of a diva. =)

Really though, I thought she did really great! Especially since her routine was all out of whack for the duration of the vacation. (HAH, I just rhymed.) Oh, and did I mention that she was also teething?

By far, one of my fav things about Lake Travis, The Pier (formerly shades.) Its just this little restaurant on the water. The food's good, the water's just gorgeous, and the catfish are GINORMOUS! Sometimes, I intentionally have leftovers..just so I can feed the fish! Just imagine their mouths big enough to fit your head in it. (Its not that big of an exaggeration, really!)

And because I know this is the real reason anyone ever reads this blog....