Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Duh-duh-DUUUUHHHH! Jade is 10 months!

Hi Pun-kin Doodle!

I say this all the time.. but you are really growing up wayyyyy too fast! It seems like each day you are getting bigger and bigger. You are really looking like a mini-toddler now.. and losing your "baby" look little by litte! How has it been 10 months since the doctor put this squiglly looking, screaming thing on my belly... that of course just happened to be the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!?! These past 10 months have just been so wonderful, and we thank God every day for the blessing of you being in our lives!

This past month you have really been testing your own limits. You are getting so brave when you pull up now. You scoot around the furniture like a pro and will let go to stand on your own. You think its so funny to bounce a little.. and put your hands in the air. Like you're saying "whoa.. look what I can do!" You also fake laugh and smile.. a LOT. When we do something to make you smile or laugh and you don't really think its funny, you'll give us a fake smile with squinty eyes just to be polite. Sometimes we fake laugh just to hear your fake laugh! Its so cute!

Here are some of your favorite things right now:

  • Strawberries, grapes, bananas, cantelope.. well almost any fruit actually (you're not such a big fan of vegetables though)
  • Dog Food or anything on the floor (we always try to stop you, or try to get it out of your mouth though... which you really hate)
  • Sharing.. you are always so polite to offer Daddy, Mommy and even Sampson your food and sometimes your toys
  • Saying anything but Momma =)
  • Cell Phones
  • Pictures and picture frames
  • Wires (we always are having to either grab them out of your hands.. or stop you from getting to them)
  • Animals (real ones.. and no matter what it is.. its always "pup". The cat at KK & Pops house is "pup", the deer on vacation were "pup" and of course dogs are always "pup". )
  • Saying "bye bye" when we hang up the phone (even if you weren't the one talking to the other person on the phone)
  • Anything that isn't supposed to be a toy
  • Crawling to the door as fast as you can when you hear it open, and I say, "Where's Daddy?"
  • when Mommy and Daddy share whatever food or drink we have
  • Music.. you love it! You dance all the time or clap along.

Of course.. that list could go on and on.

I love you so much sweet, baby girl! You bring me more joy than you can imagine!


Mommy (and Daddy too, of course!)

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