Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Here!!!

I can't believe it's actually here!! A day that I have prayed and wept for countless times over the past year. Since the day I had Jade, thoughts of being a stay at home Mom literally consumed me. The time I had for "maternity leave" was spent agonizing over thoughts of having to go back to work. Don't get me wrong, I still had plenty of time to squish in some sweet loving on that precious, little princess.. but I just dreaded the day I had to go back to work. And each time I felt that way, or started to feel that way again over the past year, I just prayed. Prayed for God to give me strength, prayed for a miracle for me to either work from home or be a stay at home Mom, and of course I thanked Him for the wonderful care my daughter was receiving. (We are so blessed to have had Nana and Aunt "Tis-tuh" watch Jade the past year.. and of course a handful of other family members when they had something conflicting.)

I've said it before and I will say it again. My husband is a very hard-working, loving provider for our family. He takes a healthy amount of pride in his work and is always looking out for our family's best interest. We live quite modestly, and have worked to keep it that way.. to be good stewards of what we have been blessed with. However, even the bare necessities can add up.

So.. we've prayed, and talked, and prayed and talked some more. We studied scriptures on what we believe my role in our household should be. I took a big leap and asked my boss to grant me my wildest wish. AND THEY SAID YES!! Of course, they had some improvements and tweaks to the "proposal" I had presented them with.. which is leaving us relying even more on the grace of God. Still, they said yes.

And so it begins.. I am a stay/work at home Mom! Now, thoughts of spending each and every day with my princess explode in my mind! How much fun it will be to teach her shapes, colors, the alphabet, numbers, how puzzles work, and of course most importantly, more about the awesome God we serve! WOOHOO! Thank you, Lord!

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Janet said...

How blessed my little Jade is to have such an amazing, strong, beautiful woman of God to call Mommy. I am so proud of you baby sister. Keep up the good work!
I love you dearly.