Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ohmygoodness, who would have ever thought that such a simple act as a precious, little Princess turning 1 could be so tiring?

Jade is sound asleep in the next room, the Hubby is practically snoring at my side, and I'm barely able to keep my eyes open at the moment. What a great end to a splendid day! A day that seemed lightyears away 365 days ago, but now it has come and almost gone. 

Our princess turned 1 in the company of most of her family and a lot of dear friends. We are so crazy blessed to have the kind of family and friends we do. Not many people would brave the Texas heat, but ours did for over 2 hours. 

Pops and KK were so gracious to let us have the schindig at their house. The kids ran like wild commanches around the deck, into the pool, and even in the mini-moonwalk. (Thank you again M&B for letting us borrow that today! The kids really enjoyed it!!) And the Princess's birthday could not have been complete without the yummiest birthday cake ever! Made with love by Papoo and Nana of course!

All in all, it was a great afternoon spent in the company of really great people! Oh, and did I mention that Jade probably has enough dresses to clothe a small 3rd world village? Well, she does. And enough toys, puzzles, books and dolls to share too! But to be quite honest.. all of those "things" were just kind of like the "cherry on top." Not necessarily needed, but always appreciated!

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