Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Last year's Cookie Day with a very rosy, cheeked, just-summoned-from-a-nap-through-it-all Jade.

The much anticipated, favoritist (almost at least) Christmas tradition has come and gone folks! When I was younger, I could not wait for Christmas Cookie day with my Granny and siblings. Who wouldn't be excited about eating (i.e. sneaking when Granny wasn't looking) cookie dough until your ears are practically oozing it out?

As I've gotten older, the real joy is in seeing my nieces and nephews take such delight in this special day with Granny. I pray that Jade will be able to have some of these special memories with Granny also. For now, she is only interested in terrorizing her younger cousins and mooching food off of people.

Next year, I will make motion that we start Cookie Day at 6am. Last year, we were supposed to start early.. like 9ish. I don't think a batch of cookie dough was actu
ally made until like 12. This year, it was supposed to be 12:30. We started around like 3:30. Don't ask me what we did for 3 hours before we actually "got to it." I couldn't tell you.
What happens when you leave kids alone in the kitchen for 10 minutes that are supposed to be diligently working on their cut-out cookies?
A self-inflicted flour face of course!
The Money Shot A*K*A* posed picture for the sake of memories. Jade did not really particpate much in the actual cookie day. However, we do have a few photos that say otherwise.

Sadly, this is probably the most Jade and I contributed to cookie day. Girlfriend was all about exploring her aunt, uncle and cousin's new house. And I was busy chasing after her, snapping pictures and getting approximately all of 30 seconds of video footage.

I can't wait until next year!!!

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