Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

The somewhat condensed version.

Friday : Amazing Mister's company Christmas party, great prizes, awesome food, good company and conversation. Thank you to Nana and Papoo for entertaining our precious Princess while we were at the festivities.

By Saturday, we were getting into the groove of Christmas celebrating. We headed over to Meemaw and Pawpaw's a little early to get in some extra sweet lovin' and cheek squishin' for one of our new little cousins that lives several states away. Unfortunately, the rest of the Brantner clan had the same idea we did. But who am I kidding? It was great to get to hang with the fam without feeling like we were rushed. Although, Precious Princess was pretty much napless that day and was surely testing our patience! Girlfriend snatched toys left and right from younger cousins, shrieked, and was a terror. But of course, she had her undeniably cute Ms. Priss angelic moments too. 
Jade being "chute." She does this a lot to show off.

Sunday was the perfect end to a great weekend. That morning we went to see Jade's absolute favorite cousin sing in his little Christmas program. (You know, the cousin's name she says only about 5 million times a day.) I'm not sure he expected to see her there though. She kept "shouting" his name, and when he finally looked at her.. it was priceless. His face lit up.. and it was like he was performing just for her. I'm so grateful that Jade has such a close bond with her big cousin. After church, we enjoyed the best lunch ever at Outback, which was a very rare treat for us. Jade took an awesome 2.5 hour nap. And before we knew it, we were heading out the door again.

Our church worship band (with a few special guests) put on Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb of God." I'm a little biased, but I'm not sure many would disagree. We have like the best Worship Team ever! I mean sure, they have bu-coo's of talent.. but they also really worship with their entire being.. and I love it! The words of each song sang were so powerful. And like our worship pastor said (well, paraphrasing here) I always thought of Christ's birth as the beginning. But really.. its just another step in God's plan. He had this whole thing ordained and thought out way back in Exodus. 

Oh and PTL, Jade was truly a precious princess that night. They did not have nursery, so we were at the mercy of whatever I had packed to entertain her. Baby Girl "colurred" for at least 30 minutes with a pen and piece of paper, snacked until her belly button almost popped, and went through other knick-knacks I had packed in all of about 5 minutes each. Overall, she did spectacular during the hour-long musical.

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