Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh, and Did I mention..

that the Amazing Mr. had a really amazing surprise waiting for me when I got home? 

Jade and I left the house looking like a tornado had blown through mine and the Mr.'s room. We came home to find that the Amazing Mr. cleaned it and the rest of the upstairs from top to bottom. (Coming and going all weekend leaves the house in a little dis-array with multiple wardrobe changes flying about in there.)

To top it off, he treated his lucky ladies to a wonderful dinner at one our favorite-but-not-frequented-too-often restaurants. Oh NitNoi, with your creamy peanut sauce, soft spring rolls (and crunchy for the Mr.), and Peanut Chicken.. we love you! And just in case you were wondering, Precious Princess favors her Daddy's preference of spring rolls.

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