Monday, January 28, 2008

I like that green stuff, Mom!

First off, our sweet, "little" princess is 5 months old! The day of her 5 month birthday she was introduced to a new food... unlike any other she had ever had... PEAS! Being the brilliant minded mother I am, I started her on all the sweet stuff, such as: apples, sweet potatoes, pears, and squash. Then I realized, oh.. maybe she won't like real veggies because they aren't so sweet. (DUH!) So, I tried to wean her down gradually to the more un-sweet veggies. The day she turned 5 months old just happened to be the day I was ready to give her peas. Because I just can never seem to have the camera there ready to catch her "firsts", I was bound and determined to get a good shot of her with her first hated food. Or so I thought!! I propped the video camera up, got her situated in the highchair, and gave her just a tiny nibble of the peas. Then it happened... NO SHUDDERING, NO GAGGING, and NO KIND OF REACTION AT ALL!! Surely, she didn't have a good taste of it, I just hadn't put enough on the spoon. So, with the 2nd bite, I really let her have it... and still no reaction! I tell you, we are raising a human garbage disposal!!

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Bonnie said...

Hahaha! Seriously Audrey's favorite food is green beans!! She will pick them up even if she can choose between green beans and PUFFS!!! I'm happy if she's happy!