Thursday, January 17, 2008

Told you so!

I told all of you that she was growing up so fast and getting smarter everyday. Well, if I didn't.. I sure was thinking it! It definitely seems like our little sweetheart is learning something new every day. She has been sitting really well assisted for a probably the last two weeks. And she could sit unassisted for a little bit, but would teeter over to the side... or she would touch her nose to her toes, and then scream because it got too uncomfortable. But last night, she sat on her own for about 15 minutes, playing with her toys! I couldn't believe it!!! It was like one day she just decided "I'd like to sit up by myself now, thank you." She still touches her nose to her toes a little bit, but knows to sit up when it gets uncomfortable. She barely teeters from side-to-side now. When she does, she actually catches herself from toppling over most of the time.

Here's a picture from a few days ago, when she still needed just a little bit of help!
(Thanks to Nana for always having her camera out and ready to capture the precious things I miss while I'm at work!)
Oh, and Daddy, its time to for you to put that high-chair together!! =)

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