Monday, January 21, 2008

I love my highchair!!

Being the wonderful daddy he is, Matt put together Jade's highchair the night of the last post. And Jade got to use it the very next day. Its funny how fast she learns and catches onto things. Now she gets so excited when we put her in it! (Have you seen my kid? She gets excited at the very thought of food. Of course she would be excited to see something remotely associated to the stuff.)

She is also doing REALLY well sitting up on her own. She got to sit up in the shopping cart for the first time this weekend. And she LOVED LOVED LOVED the cart cover KK and Pops got her. Well, for the fist two stores at least! By the time we got to Kroger, she was ready just to be home and nap.

Here are some pictures of her first time in the highchair!

"You're trying to feed me what?!?"

"I love you Sampson!"
Oh and one last little tidbit! Jade LOVES her brudder-dog! I'll sit with her in the living room to play with her toys everynight. Sampson usually will lay right beside us.. and Jade has then lost all interest in her toys by that point. All she wants to do is pat at Sampson.. and more disgustingly, she LOVES it when he gives her hands a spit bath!! (I always have the wipes right there to wash her hands down after they are done. And they usually only play right before bath time, so she does get scrubbed down good with soap afterwards too.) One of these days I will have to post a video of them together. He could be on the other side of the room and she still watches and giggles at everything he does. Its just precious!

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