Tuesday, March 25, 2008

7 months and growing

To My Sweet, Little Princess,

You are 7 months old now. Can you believe it?!?! Mommy and Daddy barely can. Not too terribly much has changed in the past month. We are still falling more and more in love with you. You are getting more and more beautiful every single day. And you are getting stronger and smarter every day!

Sitting still really isn't your thing anymore. You love to move, move, move. You want to crawl SO BAD you just can't stand it. Any day now you will just do it. For now, you get up on all fours, then you either crash down or move backwards. You get so frustrated that you aren't moving forward.

And I just know that sooner than later you are going to completely refuse your baby food. You want real people food all the time. But with only two chompers, it would be sooo hard for you to try and eat it. For now, Daddy and Mommy will still have to giggle at you when you open your mouth for every bite we put into our own mouths. Don't worry baby girl, you'll get to eat table food soon enough! We won't torment you forever.

You've learned to smile and laugh at our smiles, not just funny noises. Just the other day, you started cracking up at Mommy for no reason. When I started laughing, it made you laugh even harder. So, we just sat there giggling with each other for a few minutes. I so wish I could have that moment on video. It was beyond precious!

You are also smiling in response to kisses, hugs and loving touches. When I put you in your bed at night, sometimes you will reach your hand up. When I kiss it or cradle my face in it, you give me the sweetest little smile ever. My heart almost literally melts.

Just how many ways are there for us to tell you that we love you? I don't know for sure. But if we ever know, you better believe we will do them a bazillion times each!

With all our love,

Daddy & Mommy (and Sampson too)

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